Compton swap meet dr dre

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compton swap meet dr dre

Kim stocked music others wouldn't touch at his Compton swap-meet Suge Knight, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube — a far less likely figure pushed the. Compton's rap hope is a Dr. Dre protege who had second thoughts about bazaar known as the Compton Swap Meet has been happening for. Boulevard, the studio started filling with a swap meet's worth of televisions and. But inside Solar Studios, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg perfected with "Straight Outta Compton" money, the year-old former N.W.A. sound.

YouTube Finding the message: As Lamar honed his craft and discipline, he lost many friends and family members. A lot of my homeboys goin' to jail.


Not, like, in and out. And dyin' — it was a constant.

compton swap meet dr dre

It was a gift from God to be able to recognize that," he told Spin. Lamar denies he ever participated on record, but stories of gang violence and drugs he saw growing up in Compton are the core of his discography. But when Lamar tells them, they don't sound anything like what we've heard previously.

compton swap meet dr dre

The album is crafted from front to back, the way each song ties into each other — to me that's genius. YouTube Average joe with an old soul: Not long after that, the narcocorrido scene emerged in the newly forged Mexican-immigrant enclaves of South Gate, Bell, Huntington Park, Lynwood southeast of L.

All of these had in common a lot of young folks who were initially ignored by the recording industry and mainstream radio, and who thus learned to make their own records and promote them on their own, selling them in swap meets and outside shows.

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Hall, Marty Robbins, Kris Kristofferson. But the club was also a magnet for young musicians who came to LA from all over to play country music.

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Some of the best country music in America was created there. The Palomino offered what all music scenes must have: A venue for young artists and bands to aspire to, a place to hone, to be heard and discovered.

compton swap meet dr dre

Dwight Yoakam was an opening act there. The club was also a hangout for young actors and stuntmen in the film industry.

Aged eight, K.Dot witnessed Dr Dre and Tupac filming the video for ‘California Love’ in Compton.

These various Southern California locations, some still in existence, others lost to commercial development, became the springboard for gangsta rap.

For the grand opening of Skateland U. Grand Opening of Skateland U. At the time, Dr.

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Dre maintained DJ duties at Skateland U. Dre began working with was a trio known as C.

compton swap meet dr dre

Dre inside the DJ booth and discuss forming a super group. Shortly thereafter, during Skateland U. The after-hours club, located within an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, operated outside the rules of the city and stayed open till 5 in the morning. The dance club booked the first L.

Yet, every weekend the dance club became a social melting pot for early rap music, up-and- coming DJs, young entrepreneurs, and Hip Hop culture in Compton. At this time, Ice Cube encouraged by Dr.

compton swap meet dr dre