Ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

NCSA Junior Nationals: Day 1 Full Recap

ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

NCSA Swimming. Championships. Meet Announcement. Spring Championships – Orlando YMCA. March , It is not an organization for all swimming clubs and swimming coaches in the United States. Upcoming Events. Swim Meets. NCSA Juniors - Orlando. Mar NCSA Juniors - Orlando. Mar 15, ( AM) - Mar 19, ( AM). Registration Deadline Webcast Link (USA Swimming Website) · Post-Meet MM .

Morning session ends about 1: Decided to skip watching the finals this evening.

WATCH: Day 2 Race Videos from NCSA Junior Nationals

The boys on our team need a break. Naturally we turn left. Take in a dinner show that involves pirates, a kidnapped maiden, a hero who apparently comes back from the dead, and a Kraken.

It was all way too silly and kid oriented, but the show ends early, and provides the boys with just the right amount of distraction. If someone has a video of the several hundreds of swimmers behind the blocks spelling YMCA with their arms during the song, please post the link!

Apparently there is an issue with scheduled meet volunteers, and timers are needed. I agree to fill in.

ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

Unfortunately, I agreed to this just as I was finishing a very large cup of coffee. Turns out that when you are the lone hand timer, button timer, and recorder in the lane, and there are only 6 — 9 seconds between heats, you gotta be on your game to get everything written down, watch reset, and started in time. Swimmers get so little recognition, so here is some for Nick: Two nights ago he swam a 4: Today Nick swims his best time in the breast by 3 seconds, just over the 2: Tonight he would go even faster.

Queens college of Charlotte is getting one heck of a recruit. Swimmers are getting huge! Even then, when some of these guys are swinging their arms behind their back, I need to lean further backward to avoid getting slapped.

The size and caliber of athlete going into swimming probably helps explain the assault the record books are under. While I watched him swim several times, I never personally heard Michael Andrew speak. The word from behind the blocks is his voice is still changing.

NCSA Selects 52 of Club Swimming's Best for their Training Trip

There appears to be much more upside folks. It makes me wonder just how much of what I think I know is wrong… We may one day look back on this era as one of incredible swimming innovation. His shoulders are relatively flat with neither emerging from the water, and his arms have about a 45 degree over water recovery. The strength of his lats and not so much his pecs provides the propulsion throughout. He also appears to be doing the backstroke equivalent of pressing his chest down, raising the rest of his body out of the water.

Nationals champion, posting a I suspect we will see more swimmers using this technique in the future. In Greek Mythology, the action is always taking place on two levels at once: That of the humans and that of the Gods. Occasionally, one of the Gods comes down from on high and empowers one of the humans with extra strength, courage, and ability. During these times, the humans are said to have a glow, to exude a radiance, to be extra beautiful.

Tried to take a picture of the team to send to Theo, to let him know people are thinking about him, but got stopped by the official.

2014 NCSA Junior Nationals: Day 1 Full Recap

No pictures from behind the blocks…Understand the rule, but this case is a letter of the law violation with the kids voluntarily posing, not a spirit of the law violation, but nuance is in short supply these days, so many thanks to Coach DeMont for taking the picture off to the side of the pool while I resumed timing.

Theo and family enjoyed it. NBA you do good work. The future for Stanford looks bright indeed. Relaysmust check in by the scratch deadline for the day swum. Relay only swimmers must be listed on the team entry.

2014 NCSA Junior Nationals

Relays are swum fastest to slowest inthe morning session with the top 16 seeded relays swimming in finals. Timed finals relays on Tuesday eveningare swum slowest to fastest.

Officials wishing to volunteer or having questions may contact Meet Referee Bob Vincent prior to the meet atthe contact information given above. Will be posted on the website, check back often as the website will be updated as hotels fill and open up.

ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

M Freestyle TF 7. W Backstroke H W Freestyle H M Backstroke H M Freestyle H M 50 Backstroke H3. W 50 Breaststroke H W IM H4. M 50 Breaststroke H W Breaststroke H W 50 Freestyle H5.

ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

M Breaststroke H M 50 Freestyle H6. W Butterfly H W 50 Butterfly H M Butterfly H M 50 Butterfly H W 4x FR TF W Freestyle SH W Backstroke F 7. W Freestyle F M Backstroke F W 50 Backstroke F 8.

ncsa swim meet orlando 2014

M Freestyle F M 50 Backstroke F 9. W 50 Breaststroke F W Freestyle TH W Breaststroke F M 50 Breaststroke F M Breaststroke F W 50 Butterfly F W Butterfly F M 50 Butterfly F W 50 Freestyle F M Butterfly F M 50 Freestyle F