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Super Swim Mom Summer Sanders Sparkles in Speedo Photo Gallery Speedo sent us some amazing images of their super swim mom. December 1, — pm Video (): Summer Sanders, the celebrity face of Schwinn's "Helmets on Heads" campaign for kids, feels no sympathy for Lance Armstrong. medalist Summer Sanders, because she was here "a few times for meets when I . Minnesota native isn't joking about her political passions. Just ask Summer Sanders, a gold-medal winning Olympic swimmer. Summer is sharing her story as the spokesperson of a campaign called.

My mom likes to say they're hereditary -- you get them from your kids! I "gave" them to her when she was pregnant with me. I've always known what they were.

The condition tends to be more prevalent in women who have been pregnant, have a family history, and who work a job that requires prolonged standing like teachers and medical professionals.

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In fact, although it sounds counter-intuitive, being active, running, playing sports, etc. Another major misconception is that it's a cosmetic problem only. In addition to achiness and pain, the condition can also lead to a more serious form of venous disease called chronic venous insufficiency CVI, which Sanders was diagnosed with and result in swelling, restlessness, and fatigue of the legs, as well as skin damage and ulcers in more severe cases.

But Sanders is on a mission to inform women that we don't have to just grin and bear it. So many of my friends are just dealing with it, and you would never just deal with a toothache! You know it leads to something worse down the road.

Sufferers are often advised to wear compression hose, avoid standing for long periods of time, and raise their legs when resting or sleeping. But in order to try to get back to her own personal percent, Sanders decided to have a minimally invasive procedure to fix her varicose veins.

She's now looking forward to running the Boston Marathon and says it'll be the first race where her legs "feel lighter" and she feels like things are "flowing better. And love to hear how she's encouraging women everywhere to take control of their own health and stop ignoring nagging symptoms. Barrowman won gold at the Barcelona Olympics and held the world record in the meter breaststroke for 13 years. Dolan won gold in the meter individual medley at the Atlanta Olympics and repeated as champion four years later in Sydney.

And he held the world record in the event for nine years.

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Barrowman, Dolan, and countless others like them who never realized world-class times, were put through years of punishing workouts. Frequently swimming in the morning before school, and always after school and on weekends, it would not be uncommon to rack up 10, yards in a single practice.

The time commitment required to be competitive scared off many kids and their parentsbut the ones who remained found themselves in an environment that fostered discipline, time management, an extraordinary work ethic, and high-level achievement. And over time, one Washington area team came to stand out from the rest in its ability to produce super high-achieving swimmers like Barrowman and Dolan: They chose Curl-Burke because it had a well-regarded developmental program and its practices at American University were convenient to their Bethesda, Maryland home.

Many kids flounder in winter swimming. Meets are often dull, multi-day affairs, with swimmers spending hours waiting for events that will typically have them in the water for just a few minutes. She loved the routine and the structure, and by the time she was eight she was sneaking into the workouts for year olds. But all she wanted to do was beat you to the other end of the pool.

And she was the rare youth swimmer who genuinely enjoyed going to practice and very rarely missed one. Kaucher only remembers one or two absences over a four-year period. When Ledecky was in fourth grade, she broke her arm playing basketball. Instead, she wrapped the cast in a plastic bag and practiced kicking drills. Even at a young age, she stayed focused during long-distance swims yards or more. Foreshadowing the strategy she still employs today, she would set a fast pace and maintain it through the entire race.

summer sanders swim meet 2012 presidential election

Some of that consistence was a byproduct of practice. A lot of that was innate in who she was. But his youth belied his experience. A former star swimmer for Curl-Burke, he set two school records while in college. Just as important, he was a distance specialist, and so he had no hesitation about putting swimmers in those events at a young age.

Some wanted nothing to do with them.

Super Swim Mom Summer Sanders Sparkles in Speedo Photo Gallery

Ledecky jumped at the opportunity, and impressed Suguiyama with her strength, endurance, and willpower. They were a perfect fit. Suguiyama put her and her teammates through highly-demanding workouts six days a week, which had them swimming up to 70, yards roughly equivalent to running miles. But he also took time to focus on technique — something many high-level coaches skip over completely.

So they focused on having her mimic the stroke of Michael Phelpsand they even used a specific race — the meter freestyle at the world championships — as her template. At the end of each week, she gave the journal to Suguiyama and he would write notes back about her progress. For Ledecky, the Olympics were only a pipe dream until one afternoon in Septemberwhen she and Suguiyama had lunch to talk about short-term and long-term goals.

What do you mean? Make the Olympic team? Is that something you would want to do?

Ledecky’s Reign

Then say it again. Make the Olympic team. Suguiyama says that was the only time he and Ledecky talked about qualifying for the Olympics. But he said the conversation was an inflection point: While she was only a freshman in high school, her time would have placed third at the NCAA championships.

She competed in her first elite-level national meet in May and her performance was a wake-up call for the swimming cognoscenti.

In the meter free, she defeated Katie Hoff the American record holder at the time and came within a whisker of knocking off Allison Schmitt a three-time NCAA champion in the yard free.

Suddenly, she was enroute to the Olympics in London, despite never having competed internationally. At 15, she was the youngest member of not just the swim team, but the entire U. Chemistry can be difficult, since every member of the team has at least one teammate against whom they are competing for gold. Mark Spitz, in his first Olympics experience inwas hazed by his teammates, which contributed to his disappointing performance.

His seven medals came four years later. But there were no personality conflicts dividing the team. And there were a number of opportunities for Ledecky to build bonds with her teammates outside the pool. And everyone — Ledecky included — talked about one thing they took away from the Olympic Trials. Ledecky swam with Chloe Sutton, who was entered in the free, and four men. Olympic swim team tradition. Prince William and his wife, Kate.

Ledecky — swimming in her first international meet — never lost her cool composure. She stayed in the lead for the rest of the race, and even had British fans cheering her to victory. Today, her one vivid memory is coming out of her flip turn with four laps remaining. There was a whirlwind of activity after — the medal ceremony, media interviews, drug testing a requirement for all medalistsand meeting up with her parents. Unsure what to do with her gold medal, she did what any sensible teenager would do: What happens the night you win an Olympic gold medal?

summer sanders swim meet 2012 presidential election

So she returned to her suite in the Olympic Village, which she shared with six other swimmers.