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Every meet is flaged with a quality indicator which have the following meaning: Full results, including Best result of every swimmer in every event is available. With the publication of the Suriname Investment Guide, the Republic of Suriname .. This sector has been in relative decline from until (although .. House with pool . Small state-owned banks do not meet “Basel” standards. . Curacao. Tabel Main airlines in Suriname. There are also some smaller local . Below is a list of current Oceania Swimming Championships records as ratified by the Oceania Swimming Association. Of the 38 events, Australia currently holds .

By heavy rainfall rivers burst their banks which can result in heavy floodings. In southern Suriname are mountain ranges. Flora and fauna[ edit ] Suriname has a vast variety of flora and fauna. This forest is part of the largest tropical rainforest on earth, the Amazon rainforest, which is mostly on Brazilian territory.

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A large number of species of birds, reptiles and mammals inhabit these forests and the coast area. Leatherback turtles lay their eggs on the beach at Galibi. Other species in Suriname include the endangered and protected jaguar, sloth, giant anteater, cayman, squirrel and howler monkeys, tapirs and the scarlet ibis especially in Bigi Pan in the Nickerie district.

Music[ edit ] Suriname is well known for its kaseko music in the Indo-Caribbean tradition. Kaseko's a fusion of many styles and folklore from Europe, Africa, and the Americas that is rhythmically complex. Percussion instruments include the skratji big drum and trap drums. Saxophones, trumpets and the occasional trombone join with solo or chorus voices with the songs typically structured to "say and answer" in a similar styles to the natives of the region, as winti and kawina.

The Kaseko evolved in the s during festivities that used large bands, particularly bands of wind instruments, and were called Bigi Pokoe big drum music. Following World War II, jazz, calypso, and other important genres became popular, while the rock music of the US soon left its own influence in the form of electric instruments. You will much enjoy the entertainment there like music and watching Association Football.

Surinamese songs are called "pokoes" in Sranang Tongo. They have a great variety of music, because of the different cultures. Get in[ edit ] Countries marked in green enjoy visa free travel, while those marked in red get a visa on arrival Entry requirements[ edit ] If you want to visit Suriname and you are not a citizen of one of the following countries, you have to ensure that your visa papers are in order.

If you want to apply for a visa please contact one of the Suriname Consulates listed in Contact. Muay Thai Kickboxing junior Deon Best Baas Sports 2. Braizel Crispulo Baas Sports 2. Tanva, born in Thailand, has Muay Thai in his blood and in 19 fights he only lost once.

Click here for the rest of the list. Kader's last fight was victory over an Algerian in Marseille. Kader is a personal friend and training partner of Oscar de la Hoya. In July Edwin Baas was in Suriname. Audy Muller caused the sensation of the day, because with his performance both on the mat and off the mat he gained a lot of sympathy from the Surinamese public. After his first match he had fans among the Surinamese, who encouraged him in his second match. In the final he won the big favorite Kevin Fernhald the son of the Surinamese minister and coach.

Muller was named the best fighter of the tournament and received next to the cup for 1st prize in the category up to 58 kg also the trophy for "the most outstanding fighter". In the other finals there was a for many years Suriname champion Caribbean champion Ronny Jackson.

List of Oceania Championships records in swimming

Jackson won the 1st place up to 78 kg and Rodney Wijnaldum in the class to 72 kg. Naoufal was at that time in preparation for a title fight of the World Professional Thai-Boxing League on November 23 and he won the title by defeating none other than current champion Abid "The Predator "Boudhan.

This was not his first title because earlier he won several titles. Naoufal and his trainer Jim Rijkschroeff of Keumgang The Hague were also very positive about the training by Baas and are very grateful. After the opening ceremony, the program started with different exhibitions.

These 3 fighters had no opponent. The opponent of Taylor became ill the same day of the fight. Arda Guncicek en Jelmer Wijnja blijken succesvolle grapplers te zijn. Guncicek debuteerde in het toernooi van 31 mei en won zowel 31 mei als 29 november de 1ste prijs. Wijnja won de eerste editie, op 1 maart, de 1ste plaats en kwam tijdens de andere edities ook in de prijzen, waardoor hij de meeste punten behaald heeft en zich Nederlands Kampioen van mag noemen.

Croes won even by KO in the 1st round.

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Copra kicked his opponent that he flew with both feet in the air what resulted in the "Photo of the Year". Conquet was the fourth time heavyweight champion and Kim Stewart, daughter of karateka Dr.

Rick Stewart, won bronze.