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Data Table Analysis Brief Team ACC/ August 17, Yasin Dadabahoy viewpoint to create a relationship diagram by demonstrating current data tables, and The above ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram illustrates the Kudlers. Cathy Kudler, a successful business woman is running her own business, Based on accounting records the table makes the management up on decision making process. Entity Relationship Diagram of Kudler Fine Food Data Table and finance area should reduce the redundancy found in the current data table . Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS DATA TABLE ANALYSIS Kudler Fine design of Kudler Fine Foods' existing data tables, make recommendations for An entity relationship diagram is attached to illustrate the existing.

A simplified data analysis for Kudler Fine Foods is a better option than the current method of reporting and analyzing data.

With accurate data that is informing, Kudler Fine Foods ought to be able to make more practical business decisions. What is exchanged for the product. A means of communication between the seller and buyer. Placing the product into the hands of consumers. KFF Marketing Mix Tactics The frequent purchase program gives Kudler valuable data on consumer purchase patterns Kudler Fine Foods Info words - 12 pages Kudler fine foods words well written and researched, comprehensive, new hrm strategy how it all fits together.

Recommendations and justifications for: An inventory table helps determine what they need to prepare items. Order table is for keeping track of any order placed in each of the stores. The store table holds the data of each of the stores from names to emergency contact numbers.

The supplier table keeps track of the vendors of which the inventory is bought from. Illustrated below are SWOT analyses for Kudler and its two competitive markets the company plans to enter.

With the growth and implementation of this new program at Kudler Fine Foods, developing a financial analysis to consider the possible revenue and cost when implementing the frequent shopper program.

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The inventory table is an important tool for assisting in what products are on hand and what products are needed to be ordered. Even though the table is simple to read and provides valuable data, there are improvements that can be made.

The first improvement that would help in identifying what each store has in inventory is to rearrange the GL codes by store. Managers from each of the three stores would have the ability to see if another store has an item that they need in their inventory.

Another improvement would be to add a category that would identify what each item cost. The total amount in inventory is listed but listing cost per item would help determine if the cost of the item is worth the quality of the product. A third improvement that would be beneficial to all three stores is the need to know how much of an item is in each store.

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It is not cost efficient to have a large inventory of items and not sell the product. If a store needs an item they can check if another store has it instead of ordering one. The table can also show what items they have in stock that are not selling. Depending on the items not selling, management will need to determine if the items are a loss or there needs to be a plan to get the items sold. Pivot tables help a business to have quick access to multiple types of information.

These tables can take a lot of information and summarize it in an organized format. Decisions on how much of an item needs to be in inventory and what time of the year the items are needed can be made by using a pivot table to sort the data.

Another feature of a pivot table that improves decisions made by management is the ability to see the total costs for an item in inventory as well as what is in inventory. As items are sold or stocked on the shelves, the quantity, costs, and even the type of item in inventory can be updated to allow information to be constantly up to date.

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Kudler Fine Foods is a growing company that has use for data tables to have the most up to date and useful information to make an informative decision.

Improving inventory procedures will assist in customer satisfaction and service. Kudler Fine Foods will have a well maintained and efficient business.

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