Establish a mentoring relationship in the bible

How to Develop a Mentoring Program

establish a mentoring relationship in the bible

An effective mentoring relationship includes a variety of phases, some of is significant to establish the entry qualifications that are to be met. Did these men demonstrate a good, healthy mentoring relationship? 2. A mentor will develop skills and instill wisdom based on the mentor's life experiences. The primary purpose of this paper is to develop a biblical model of Peter, forged some form of mentoring relationship with Barnabas (Gal. –13), who went.

Mentoring can mean a variety of things, so it is necessary to define the expectations of both the mentor and the mentee. These expectations should include: Some additional questions to be discussed to help define the roles could be Zachery, p. What are the boundaries and limits of this relationship? How and when will the relationship be brought to closure? What are our criteria for success? A reasonable expectation is how the mentee will have a growing influence within the ministry, using its programs to practice new skills developed.

This is a takes strategic planning on the part of the mentor, to assess how the mentee can contribute to the ministry and free up the resources or opportunities for the mentee to take the initial growth steps. We must also take into consideration the expectations of the mentee. The emerging generation values relationships above almost everything else. Therefore, the mentor must seek to provide relational investments in the mentee.

However, this relational style of mentoring should have clear boundaries and responsibilities for both the mentor and mentee. These experiences begin with the mentee observing me utilizing the skill, then progress to doing the skill with me, and finally doing it on their own while I observe. Immediate feedback, both positive and negative, is very important in the process.

establish a mentoring relationship in the bible

It is important to increase the skill load, by building upon previous skills, enables the mentee to become more effective and proficient. In this way, mentoring is less informational but rather transformational by adding self-directed perspective. Asking questions of the mentee was suggested as the key element to the mentoring process; Jesus often employed this Questioning method effectively to instruct his disciples and challenge the Pharisees.

Asking questions of the mentee was suggested as the key element to the mentoring process; Erik Johnson p. How is your ministry affecting your own relationship with God? Where are your skills being tested? Where is your character being tested?

What are your hopes and dreams for future ministry? How can I help you? What evidence can you point to of the presence and power of God in your ministry?

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As you assess your growth, where do you see areas you need to work on? What are your felt deficiencies? Consequently having a mentor accountability partner is an invaluable benefit for asking tough questions, heading off danger, and derailing diversions. Samuel and Saul 1 Sam. While the Bible is clear that we should look out for the needs of others we often fail in our follow through. Mentees benefit from proactive encouragement from their mentors, who understand the power and value of this critical motivator.

Barnabas and Paul Acts 4: Mentors provide a tremendous benefit to those mentored as they experience trials in their lives.

Paul and Silas Acts 16 Helps establish and achieve goals: Once established mentors can then help to monitor, suggest adjustments, and counsel along the way as needed. The real benefit in these areas is helping ensure that the balance of personal and spiritual goals is appropriate, e. Some of these decisions come quickly and others may be prepared for. Regardless of the urgency having a trusted objective advocate for weighing major life decisions is extremely valuable Paul and Titus — Titus Benefits other relationships in your life: As mentees grow in their faith and pursuit of a godly Christ-like life virtually every other relationship they have will be positively impacted.

Friends, family, co-workers, employees, etc. This changed life has the potential to heal relationships, draw others to Christ, and influence others toward a similar experience.

Yes, changed lives draw others to themselves as they see the Spirit of God at work and will establish the groundwork for the mentee to potentially become a mentor to others as God leads.

Becoming a mentor is a response to this command and the benefit to others cannot be measured in human terms, only from an eternity perspective. The true opportunity to give back and invest in the kingdom is the investing in the lives of others. Those most familiar is a senior to a junior.

3 Elements Needed for an Effective Mentoring Relationship

However, peer on peer mentoring is also a viable approach. I encourage an open mind allowing God to lead.

establish a mentoring relationship in the bible

He is perfect in His wisdom and will bring the people together that He desires in a mentor-mentee relationship.