Examine the relationship of biological factors

examine the relationship of biological factors

Psychological and Biological Factors Influencing Your Study Results Self- regulating capacity has a positive relationship with academic. Another study, which also used brain imaging technologies to observe the relationship between biological factors and behavior, is Jim Fallon's. Human behavior is complex, being influenced by the fact that we are flesh and blood (biological influences) and our social relationships with other people.

Previous studies related to knee OA have assessed either side, although OA often affects bilateral knees[ 18 ] and this bilaterality may amplify the magnitude of symptoms[ 19 ].

Firstly, we assigned the subjects into either a unilateral group or a bilateral group according to whether radiographic knee OA was observed in one side or both sides. Subsequently, we used the total score of both sides e.

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Each item is rated on an ordinal scale fromwith higher scores indicating a symptom or medical condition of higher severity. The four symptom subscales can be scored separately or combined to represent the aggregated total symptoms.

We assessed the pain severity of participants in accordance with the VAS score. The scale provides a total score and scores on 3 subscales: Rumination 4 itemsmagnification 3 itemsand helplessness 6 items [ 23 ]. This scale is well known for its reliability and validity in the Japanese version[ 24 ].

Although catastrophizing is known to be a cognitive distortion closely linked to anxiety and depression[ 22 ], we confirmed that no subjects took anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants in the present study. The timed up and go test Timed up and go test TUG measures the time it takes a subject to stand up from a chair 46 cm seat height from the groundwalk a distance of 3 m, turn and walk back to the chair, and sit down[ 25 ].

All subjects performed two trials and the superior time was used. TUG was originally established as an objective measure of physical function in the elderly population.

Suicide: What Is The Biological Cause?

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Biological factors

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examine the relationship of biological factors

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examine the relationship of biological factors

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examine the relationship of biological factors

Genetically modified microorganisms must be inactivated before disposal. Where antibiotic resistance genes are used, these must be processed such that the genes are destroyed — for example, by fragmentation. Ventilate the room before use.

examine the relationship of biological factors

Wastes containing antibiotics must be treated differently depending on their stability. It is very important to prevent antibiotics from entering the environment. Easily degradable antibiotics like Ampicillin, Penicillin, Erythromycin, Tetracycline, etc.

examine the relationship of biological factors

Other antibiotics like Kanamycin, etc.