Nature of the relationship

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nature of the relationship

Here are some important things to know about relationships. Relationships have states, and that state can be based on time and context. Service failures can have serious effects on the development of customer–firm relationships, and service recovery processes are implemented. A relationship almost always involves a choice or is a connection formed by blood. We choose our friends, lovers, and spouses. As adults, we.

The Parties intend that Stonegates relationship to the Company and the relationship of each director, officer, employee or agent of Stonegate to the Company shall be that of an independent contractor and not as an employee of the Company or an affiliate thereof.

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Nothing contained in this Agreement shall constitute or be construed to be or create a partnership or joint venture between Stonegate and the Company or their respective successors or assigns. Neither Stonegate nor any director, officer, employee or agent of Stonegate shall be considered to be an employee of the Company by virtue of the services provided hereunder. Director is an independent contractor and will not be deemed an employee of the Corporation for purposes of employee benefits, income tax withholding, F.

nature of the relationship

Except as authorized by the Board of Directors or the Corporation's Charter and Bylaws, or as allowed by law, Director shall not hold himself out as an agent of the Corporation or enter into any agreement or incur any obligations on the Corporation's behalf. This Agreement shall not be deemed an employment contract between the Corporation or any of its subsidiaries or related companies and Director.

Director specifically acknowledges that the term of service provided by this Agreement is set forth in Section 7 below. All work or obligations performed by Service Company in connection with the Services will be performed as an independent contractor and Service Company acknowledges that it does not have authority to obligate or bind IBP or any Investor in any way, except as expressly authorized in Section 2 above with respect to IBP.

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No provision of this Agreement will be construed to create a partnership or a joint venture between the parties hereto, and except as provided in the previous sentence, no provision of this Agreement will be construed to create an agency. The Parties shall each hold their respective Interests as tenants-in-common. The parties do not intend by this Agreement to create a partnership, joint venture or other separate entity for federal or state law purposes, but merely to set forth the terms and conditions upon which each of them shall hold their respective ownership interests in the Note and Loan Documents.

Each party hereby agrees to elect to be excluded from the provisions of Subchapter K of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code ofas amended, the Codewith respect to their undivided ownership interest in the Note and Loan Documents. Each party hereby covenants and agrees that each owner shall report in such owners respective federal and state income tax returns such owners respective portion of items of income, deduction, loss and credit which result from holding the Note in a manner consistent with the treatment of the co-tenancy as a co-ownership of a negotiable instrument and not as a partnership for federal and applicable state tax purposes.

Each party hereby agrees to indemnify, protect, defend and hold the other free and harmless from all costs, liabilities, tax consequences and expenses, including, without limitation, attorneys fees, which may result from any party notifying the IRS in violation of this Agreement or otherwise taking a contrary position with respect to the IRS.

Physical Health Though it is widely established that healthy eating and regular exercise have major impacts on physical health 98within the past 30 years research has also identified that exposure to nature e.

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Empirical research in this domain was first carried out by Ulrich 46 who found that those hospital patients exposed to natural scenery from a window view experienced decreased levels of pain and shorter recovery time after surgery.

In spite of its increasing findings, some have suggested the need for further objective research at the intersect of nature-based parameters and human health 9. This presents inherent difficulty in comparing assessment measures or different data types relative to the size and scale of the variables being evaluated 9. Further, there still remain evidence gaps in data on what activities might increase levels of physical health as well as limited amount of longitudinal datasets from which the frequency, duration, and causal directions could be inferred Mental Health Mental health studies in the context of connecting with nature have also generated a growing research base since the emergence of the Biophilia concept in the mids Supporting research has been well documented in literature during the last few decades.

The Nature of Relationships

Similarly, further mixed-method approaches and larger sample sizes are needed in this research field. This would enhance existing evidence gaps to enhance existing knowledge of variable interlinkages with other important sources e. Social Health In the last two decades, the relationship between people and place in the context of green spaces has received much attention in academic literature in regards to its importance for the vitality of communities and their surrounding environments One of the main limitations within this field relates to the generally perceived idea that public green spaces are freely open to everyone in all capacities This limitation has been, as already, highlighted from the emerging arguments in the field of environmental justice and economic—nature conflicts As such, many researchers highlight the need to maintain awareness of other barriers that might hinder cohesion and community participation e.

nature of the relationship

Further, there still remains a gap between academic research and local knowledge, which would otherwise lead to more effective interventions. Nonetheless, for such approach to be implemented requires sufficient time, cost, and an adequate scale of resources to ensure for aspects of coordination, communication, and data validation This in part owes to the increasing evidence accumulating in research literature centering on the relationships between the following areas: Such health-related effects that have been alluded to include chronic diseases, social isolation, emotional well-being as well as other psychiatric disorders e.

Reasons for these proposed links have been suggested to stem from various behavioral patterns e. Further, these suggested links have been inferred, by some, to be visible in other species e.

Nonetheless, research within this field remains speculative with few counter examples e.

nature of the relationship

With a growing trend in the number of chronic diseases and psychiatric disorders, costs to the U. However, this anticipated trend is considered to be both undesirable and expensive to the already overwhelmed health-care system In concurrence are the associated impacts on health equity, equating to further productivity and tax losses every year in addition to a growing gap in health inequalities Furthermore, population growth in urbanized areas is expected to impact future accessibility to and overall loss of natural spaces.

Not only would this have a direct detrimental effect on the health of both humans and non-humans but equally the functioning and integrity of ecosystem services that sustain our economic productivity Thereby, costs of sustaining our human-engineered components of social—ecological systems could rise, having an indirect impact on our economic growth and associated pathways connecting to health As such, researchers have highlighted the importance of implementing all characteristics when accounting ecosystem services, particularly the inclusion of natural and health-related capital, as well as their intervening mechanisms.

This is an area, which at present remains difficult to synthesize owing to fragmented studies from a host of disciplines that are more conceptually rather than empirically based Toward an Interdisciplinary Perspective of Human and Ecosystem Health Since the late nineteenth century, a number of descriptive models have been developed to encapsulate the dimensions of human health and the natural environment as well as their interrelationships As VanLeeuwen et al 17 highlight in their review, each have not fully incorporated all relevant characteristics of ecosystems e.

Further, the Bioecological systems theory model encapsulates the biopsychological characteristics of an evolving theoretical system for scientific study of human development over time 16 However, the model has been suggested by someto be static and compartmentalized in nature, emphasizing instead the importance of evolving synergies between biology, culture, and technology. It is broadly defined as the attainment of optimal health across the human—animal—environmental interfaces at local, national, and global levels.