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If you feel daring, you can parry the pursuer and relentlessly hit him while he's staggered. It is best to parry with a small shield like the buckler. we have to acknowledge that the pursuer rigorously obeys a strict method that never allows him to be spotted by Clarissa: it would appear that Parry spends. Am I wrong to assume I can't parry a boss who's sword is twice the size of my entire body? if we're talking the pursuer, then yes. if i wanna kill him fact i just parry him and shoot him with the ballista 5 year relationship killed for Chad.

Charles Charles 1 year ago 8 Gargoyles aren't that tough. Just need to realize new gargoyles come in at specific points in the boss' health gauge. So just focus on one gargoyle at a time, take a breather when it's near half health and then blitz it till it's dead. Repeat until no new gargoyles. Not that I would recommend it. And just so you can say you've seen someone do it, here's a vid of someone doing it. I remember getting beat on HARD my first few times.

He is still challenging in whatever playthrough I am on now. My lesson was patience. Wait for the right attacks, learn his patterns and what attacks he uses from what distance, and attack once or twice at each opportunity instead of until your stamina is gone.

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One of the best designed bosses in the game, yet never mentioned in all the YouTube "10 best bosses" videos. Zeratultheking Zeratultheking 1 year ago 10 I just remember the gargoyles being super annoying to do.

One with the small area before it being a hotzone to even re-attempt them. The problem is as a boss design its horrible. Be careful though, the Pursuer can crush the Ballistia's, rendering them useless untill you activate a bonfire.

Two viable tactics include parrying him right in front of the Ballista and rushing to fire a bolt this may be difficult for new players due to the specific parry timing or using a summon to bring the Pursuer in front of the line of fire. If you have a shield that blocks all physical damage, you can simply tank his hits, however each one will deplete a lot of your stamina, so this method can result in your death if you run out of stamina. Also, you can not block his thrusting attack where his sword glows blue, as it will penetrate any shield.

Another tactic is to keep your distance and then wait for the knight to use his rushing slash. This slash can be dodged every time by rolling to the right.

During that interval, you can attack him. The Pursuer also has a 3 combo attack. At the end of the combo, he does a jumping slash.

Block the first two hits and then roll to the left to dodge this attack. This will work every time with this attack. Your best bet is to keep some distance and then let him rush attack you,dodging that attack by rolling to the right and then hitting him once or twice.

If he does the 3 hit combo simply block the first two and then dodge the third attack by rolling to the left and hitting him in that interval.

Dark Souls 2: Parry the Pursuer like a Pro

Be patient and you'll survive! If you are playing as a Sorcerer, Bandit or other ranged class, it is wise to keep your distance from the Pursuer and attack him from afar. If he gets too close for comfort, attempt to run and roll past him and continue to fire at him. If you feel daring, you can parry the pursuer and relentlessly hit him while he's staggered. It is best to parry with a small shield like the buckler, or keep your left hand empty - as both of these have a large window for parrying.

At the beginning of the battle, stand still and anticipate his lunge then parry and hit away.