Run the world reversed relationship

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run the world reversed relationship

Patema Inverted is a Japanese animated science fiction film written and directed by incident despite their gravity being inverted, and were living in an artificial world and sky underground which supported this inverted gravity. Izamura. If the Tower appears reversed you may have just undergone a period This card position often feels like a hurricane just ran through your life. If poorly aspected it denotes hiding from the world, and exaggerated, Your insecurities might be running high or you find yourself on the receiving end Moon tarot card reversed indicates primitive forces at play and a dark night of the soul.

They also represent the four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These symbols harken back to the Wheel of Fortunewhere they were all seen reading the Torah.

Her purple veil indicates royalty, the color that combines the wisdom of blue with the passion and bravery of red. This card synthesizes the elements we have found along the path that we once started with The Foolwhich was brought into physical being with The Magician.

Therefore, in The World Tarot card, we return to the beginning with the number 0. The journey that we have taken to gain knowledge and success is only the prelude to a new one because the learning process never ends. There have been experiences that have made us cry with joy and those that have plunged us into the deepest of sorrows.

We have ascended to the world of the Spirit and we have dived down into depths of the subconscious. Through all of this, we have reached a higher level of consciousness allowing us to say that we understand ourselves a little better.

A weight off your shoulders: The world is your oyster At some point, all of us will learn to see the bigger picture and realize that we are not the center of the universe.

This is the moment that we can accept that there is always a new opportunity to start fresh. The earth will keep spinning and transformation is an unstoppable process that we are all a part of. Once you have a better understanding of yourself, of your weaknesses, strengths, sins, and virtues, it is time to return to The Fool to start the journey all over again. Even with the joy of completion, it is essential to get closure and mourn the past experiences that have marked us. Those who live in the past forget that the present is a gift.

Finally, because of all your hard work, you have reached equilibrium and a well-deserved reward. If your question has to do with love, the love you have longed for, the proposal you have been patiently waiting for, will arrive sooner you expected. Should the spread involve money or work-related matters, the doors to great investments and opportunities will open before your eyes.

run the world reversed relationship

When the World Tarot card appears reversed, its meaning is not the same as with the other cards. The home lacks warmth and vitality. Her upright generous spirit has gone and guests are unwelcome. Animals or family pets may also go unfed and uncared for. Bags of rubbish may be stacked up in the back garden with little care for the environment or threat of vermin infestation.

As a mother the reversed Empress may be demanding and overly protective or totally unloving. In the reversed Empress, the family Matriarch comes to the forefront. She wields her power with might and is a force to be reckoned with. She can become very jealous of her daughters-in-law and find fault in everything they do. This can cause terrible relationship problems for the couple involved as the son will be fearful of standing up to his mother in defence of his wife or partner.

She has total rule over the roost and her word is final. She is insistent on total obedience from all her siblings. She demands total control over their life and it will be the bravest of her offspring who will stand up to her and go their own way.

She really does want the very best for all her children but can find it hard to let go of them as they grown up.

The Empress (III) Reversed

She may become emotionally needy in order to keep them around her. The reversed Empress can stand for the sadness and emptiness experienced when your children flee the nest especially if found with the 4 of Wands, 3 and 6 of Cups all reversed. She can stand for the negligent mother who cannot take care of her children.

They may not be fed properly and are allowed run wild a bit like the Queen of Pentacles reversed. She can be uncaring, unloving and too caught up in herself to give a jot about her kids. She can highlight the absence of a mother or mother figure in childhood. She may have left, died or is just unavailable. You may break tradition and decide not to have children. The reversed Empress can also indicate miscarriage, termination, infertility or hysterectomy.

However, she can also indicate birth as in being no longer pregnant. Look to the other cards to support this. If there are happy and joyful cards surrounding the reversed Empress then this is a good sign. The natural positive and healthy balance in the upright is lost when The Empress reverses. You may not be feeling too good about yourself or have possibly let yourself go; becoming lazy and lethargic.

You may look drab and dull and piled on the pounds when you were not looking. Over-eating and bingeing may be a sign of a deep inner unhappiness. You have lost your natural contentedness and connection to life and find lasting joy in little. Your relationship with others and especially your partner may be affected. With a low self-image your self-esteem and confidence plummets too. How and why have you let this happen? However, that downhill slope can be oh so subtle that you may not have noticed it until this late stage.

The Empress suggests that if you do not like what you see in the mirror then you must take action to correct it and feel good once more.

Remember, this is about doing it for you and your sake not for anyone else. The knock-on benefits will be amazing though.

She suggests you get out and get active. Exercise and eat healthily. Get in touch with your body by looking after it and pampering it. Update your wardrobe and get your hair cut. If you can afford it, totally re-invent yourself; pack up all your old clothes and accessories and give them away to friends or to charity.

Replace them with something more suitable and flattering. Let the woman in you be revealed.

Monday Card: World reversed

However, in the other extreme you may become frivolous, extravagant and wasteful. You use superficiality to hide and suppress your feelings.

Others may call you vain and totally self-absorbed. You may be overly concerned with your appearance and think of little else. You also judge others by theirs. Wanton spending and waste on extravagant clothes, designer handbags and shoes leaves you with a bulging wardrobe and maxed out credit cards.

What is going on? What is the point? You will never be able to wear them all. You may look great but are pretty empty and have nothing to say for yourself. In relationship readings, the reversed Empress indicates disharmony, instability and a lack of positive growth. You may find it hard to express your emotions or take love from the idealistic stage in the head and bring it into the heart.

Your heart may be closed and cold. You may feel disconnected from your partner or have lost touch with each other.

Children, work and chores may leave precious little time for you as a couple. Communication and emotions are repressed and blocked creating an environment for resentment to breed in. You have forgotten each other and need to find your way back before it is too late. Her reversed presence in a relationship reading would suggest that your sex life is either non-existent or lacking in passion. When have you last physically touched?

You really need to spice things up and have some fun as a couple. Try to arrange date nights. Dress up and go out but do not talk about the kids or having to put the bins out when you go home.

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Try to find your way back to your courting days when you only had eyes for each other. Sadly, Divorce and Widowhood are both representations of the reversed Empress. If you want to save your relationship you must work hard now to get it back under control. The Empress reversed can suggest commitment issues. You may have a habit of bailing out of relationships as soon as they seem to be going somewhere or settling down. Doing this puts you in control and blocks the natural progression and growth of a relationship.

What is it that you are afraid of?

run the world reversed relationship

The Empress reversed can hint at extramarital affairs and infidelity. With her strong sensuality and passion she can be drawn to seduction and flirtation. She can be the nightmare Vamp at parties who attracts men to her like a moth to a flame.