The lovers tarot relationship meaning

the lovers tarot relationship meaning

The Lovers tarot card is all about renewal and new beginnings. Not just in terms of love but in terms of spiritual renewal. Are you ready for the. In the Lovers card, the man and the woman in the image are being protected and blessed by an angel above. The couple seems secure and. If the Lovers card shows up in your Tarot reading, it could have many meanings. Although the card could indicate marriage, it might also represent finding.

The Lovers in the Tarot: What the Card Really Has to Tell You

When you can, the Lovers tarot always wants you to follow your heart while following your own morality code, of course! The Lovers Tarot and Love When the Lovers tarot appears, it just means that love is coming your way, so make sure that your door is wide open!

It can be a brand new relationship, a rekindling of an old love, taking your relationship to the next level, or finding and reconnecting with an ex-lover. It can even be the friend-zoned guy who steps up his game and impresses you with something that will blow your mind.

Whatever it is, the air smells sweeter, and you see the world through rose-colored glasses. Your friends start to notice the bounce in your step and the huge smile that seems to be permanently glued on your face. Everything feels light and easy, and this romance can really be the happy ever after you have been waiting for. With regard to other aspects of your life, the Lovers tarot is the sign for you to begin or continue on the path to happiness. It can be a positive confirmation, or deeper commitment, or lasting relationship.

You have to be wary, though, if the Lovers tarot is combined with the Towerthe Devilor the Magician card.

the lovers tarot relationship meaning

Someone is not being totally honest with you. When you combine the Lovers with the Devil, brace yourself for a little heartbreak, as this spells unrequited love, or an obsession that can end in disaster.

In the reversed position, the Lovers tarot means trouble in paradise. Stock up on ice cream and some Cheetos.

The Lovers Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money and Happiness

A breakup is certainly in the works. Not to mention all the trips you have planned for the year to celebrate milestones in your relationship. Stop making ridiculous purchases.

the lovers tarot relationship meaning

Stop your impulse buying. Keep your receipts and your statements for record purposes.

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Just like in life, you have to spend wisely in love. Same goes with Tinder, but exercise extreme caution. We did a complex reading that looked at several options.

The path she was the most drawn to showed The Lovers as the general outcome card.

the lovers tarot relationship meaning

I told her not to worry; The Lovers can mean many things. And Simone came for a reading to heal from a break-up. She was confused—if this was her soulmate, why did the relationship end? All the Tarot cards have multiple meanings depending on the situation in which they appear. This is especially true for the Major Arcana. The Lovers is a perfect example of a traditional or popular meaning that most people know—and that, indeed, the name suggests.

But this card is complex and much more than just a significator of marriage. The Lovers as a Marriage Card Traditional decks typically show the image of a man and a woman surrounded by angels and standing in an idyllic environment.

The Lovers Tarot Card and its Meaning

Love—and a blessed one at that—is an obvious theme. I have done many readings where this turned out to be the case.

But The Lovers, like all the Major Arcana, contains more than meets the eye. I have a deck that shows The Lovers as couples engaged in a dance, both in fancy dress and wearing masks.

Colored bands of energy swirl around the dancing couples. In many ways, I think this image more accurately sums up the dynamic energy of the card. The Lovers as a Card of Wholeness In my deck with the dancing couples, we see that the figures are masked.

the lovers tarot relationship meaning

We can open to embodying both yin and yang and being both active and receptive.