The secret relationship

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews by Nation of Islam

the secret relationship

My relationship ended badly, breaking me to the core and landing me at a therapist's office. I tried so hard to apply The Secret 'on him' to get him back but I. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews is a book released in by the Nation of Islam that asserts that Jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade. Home; The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. All · Black History: The Legacy of Our Struggle.

Were there Jews who owned slaves? Of course there were.

the secret relationship

But their number is far lower that that of Christians who owned slaves; it's even lower than that of fellow blacks who owned slaves. Does that mean there should be a third volume demonizing Christians and African-Americans?

What is illustrated is the sheer folly of the argument. Distinguished scholars worldwide have refuted the arguments this book puts forth, showing that the citations, statistics, and documents are largely taken out of context. These scholars include Henry Louis Gates, Jr. What we do not need are more innuendos, stereotypes, and biased arguments that only serve to divide. Louis Farrakhan of all people should know this, given the grotesque anti-Islam bias pervading every aspect of our society.

Muslims, African-Americans, Jews, and Latinos are suffering more and more hate and bigotry. We need to work together to heal the world; the lies, damned lies, and statistics in this book do the opposite, they create divisiveness and continue the hate that a book on slavery should try to appease. Read one or more of the many excellent scholarly books out there on the evils of slavery, rather than poison your soul with the hate mongering of Minister Farrakhan's message.

In every way, these two books are tearing us apart.

Let me add, that I have spoken out against all types of bigotry, even a the cost of two of my teaching jobs. As part of that, condemned many racist books.

Or maybe it is because the Jewish community knows that if it happens to the Black community it can also happen to them. So for generations, Jews and Blacks have marched together in the streets of Birmingham and Washington, and shared the stage at venues in Harlem and elsewhere. Our two communities are not afraid to stand side by side, continually defying those who would prefer to see us behind solitary bars and forgotten, not in front of cheering crowds.

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Rabbi Schneier and I travel the country sharing these stories, discussing our tale with anyone who will listen - Blacks, Jews, or otherwise. This is true in synagogues and churches as well as college universities like Queens College - which Rabbi Schneier and I will address next week. Despite the years of anti-Semitism, the Jewish community has not let the hatred of others hinder their ambitions or drive for success.

The Jews have been resourceful and have stood together and time and time again prospered in business, medicine, law and entertainment.

the secret relationship

This is a great example of what a tight knit family and education can accomplish even against a world filled with shut doors and hate. While I have many first hand experiences in records, jewelry, fashion, internet, TV, film, financial services, and much more, I have also noticed Jay Z, Puffy, and most of hip-hop out-branding the record business that is dying its own death, and building partnerships in areas previously reserved for white men.

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Both Jay Z and Puffy are truly creative entrepreneurs, and both have learned a lot of these skills from their Jewish partners and suppliers. Entrepreneurs are usually raised in cultures that feed that free spirit that allows them to dream up new ideas and break the mold.

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

Without documentation I can still safely state that in most hoods, and certainly in mine, going to school to "get a good job" was the goal. But I built many businesses with Jews who didn't let school dim down their dreams and they were comfortable with the idea to let go of the idea of job security and fly. All of these communities have welcomed me.