Ofsaa west regional track and field meet

OFSAA West Regional Track and Field Championship Moves Locations

ofsaa west regional track and field meet

That's exactly the nightmare scenario that played out for organizers of the OFSAA West Regional Track and Field championships slated for. OFSAA West – Jacob Hespeler SS – May 31st & June 1st. OFSAA West Coaches information/Results & Schedule – Windsor Timing Track Wars. individual cheques for CWOSSA as this slows down dramatically the picking up of the numbers prior to the meet. WODSS – OFSAA West Track and Field.

At javelin, Sparenberg had her best effort on her opening throw and it held up against all competitors, except champion St.

OFSAA West Regional Track and Field Championship Moves Locations

That allowed Sparenberg to twice skip her turn, in order to rest her arm. With her coach there was talk about not competing in discus, but Sparenberg would have no part. He loves doing it," said Rolph.

ofsaa west regional track and field meet

He works really hard and if he puts everything together he is going to throw further. Erasing the memory of a trip over a hurdle during this meet a year ago, Beaudry finished the 10 hurdle one lap of the oval event, in 1: Beaudry led for the majority of the race, until Chatham Kent's Ally Oulds caught her at the finish line, crossing it in 1: I did and I wasn't feeling too bad so I kept going.

Dorchester's Victoria Quance placed fourth in junior women's pole vault, soaring to a new personal best PB height of 2.

ofsaa west regional track and field meet

I PB'd by 25 centimetres. I'm over the moon happy. She's aiming for top 10 this time around, and continues to work on improving her technique with Dorchester vault coach Paul White.

I can get up and more upside down but I can't finish the vault by turning. I'm still going over backwards, my back to the bar. If I can get the turn down, I might be able to go even higher. I always wanted too and I've been close, but I did it today. At regionals, Sparenberg placed second with a best throw of Wingham Madill's Hanna Van Stuyvenberg won with a Javelin didn't go so well this year, so I'm glad I made it in for discus," said Sparenberg.

I had a lot of power but I didn't get my chin and chest up at the end so I could throw farther. I threw 36 metres at one meet.

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Dorchester's Johnston had a great week of practice leading up to regionals, but the freshman still shocked coach Jen Ashby, with a four meter personal best. Johnston's third round throw of I probably shouldn't have thrown that far today. It is crazy," Johnston said.

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I think she's having fun now and that's key too. She didn't even react and I was like, Leaha, do you know what you just did? This javelin silver makes up for it. I get told a lot by Mr.

ofsaa west regional track and field meet

Tennant not to do that, but I can't help myself sometimes. I like looking back to see where the competition is, to know they're not sneaking up on me," said Pink, who crossed the finish line in 9: It was a big goal and I didn't think it would happen, but Mr.

OFSAA West track and field day 2

Tennant helped me out and trained me hard. I give a lot of credit to him. He really knows what he's doing when it comes to training for these races because he was a runner back in his university days. Guelph's Tennessee Tremain won metres in 9: Pink's teammate Connor Erb was 10th 9: In the midget men's metres, Pink finished seventh 4: Parkside's Jack Carlson qualified third, in the midget men's metres Carlson finished sixth, in the metre dash