Uil regional track meet 2014 results

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uil regional track meet 2014 results

DEC Chairs. This is the main content. UIL Home · Athletics · High School Sports · Cross Country · State Meet; Incident Reporting Form - Other Sports. UIL State Track & Field Meet. 5/9/ - 5/10/ Created by HY-TEK's MM Bm. Latest Completed Heat · Latest Completed Event. Session 1 - Friday. Web site for the McKinney North High School Track and Field Team. The site is managed Track & Field Results. UIL 5A State UIL 5A - District Area Meet - 4/19/ · UIL A . UIL 5A Region 2 - 11/01/ (Varsity Boys ).

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Unlike the college ranks or other states, the regions and districts are not permanently set, but are redrawn biennially by the UIL behind closed doors in an attempt to keep schools of similar sizes within a certain distance of their geographic area when attending competitions, and to adjust for the changing enrollments of schools moving schools with increased attendance up in conference and those with decreased attendance down and new schools opening.

The main redrawing of regions and districts takes place on February 1 of even-numbered years and the final allocation, especially relating to high school footballis the subject of much pre-announcement anticipation and speculation as to which schools move up or down and the final composition of the districtsbut as new schools open or smaller schools close or disband programs, interim adjustments can be made.

The changing districts and regions have produced unusual results — for example, the Conference 5A boys' basketball championship featured champion DeSoto from Region II defeating Cedar Hill from Region I, notwithstanding that the schools are in neighboring districts. Football[ edit ] In Conference 6A, the top four teams from each district are eligible for the playoffs.

The two eligible teams with the highest student enrollment for its district are seeded in the Division I playoff bracket, and the remaining two teams with the lower enrollment are seeded in the Division II playoff bracket. This method is supposed to prevent matchups between large and small schools within a classification, although in practice this is not always the case — for example, in the playoffs, Southlake Carroll the Conference 5A Division I champion had a lower student enrollment than Cedar Hill the Conference 5A Division II champion.

For all other man conferences and for six-man football, the UIL divides schools into separate Division I large and Division II small districts at its bi-annual redistricting session in these cases, there are a maximum of 16 districts statewide, as opposed to the 32 in the larger conferences ; separate playoffs are held for each division with the top four teams top two in six-man from each district eligible.

uil regional track meet 2014 results

Other major team sports[ edit ] In Conferences 6A and 5A, the top four teams from each district are eligible. A similar arrangement exists in Conferences 2A-4A, and for Conference 1A in all other team sports except basketball, only the top three teams are eligible. For Conference 1A basketball, similar to the six-man football setup the UIL divides schools into separate Division I large and Division II small districts prior to the beginning of the season, and separate playoffs are held for each division with the top two teams from each district eligible.

This arrangement exists because, in some small schools, basketball is the only team sport in which the school participates. For baseball and softball, at all levels except the state tournament, playoff rounds are best 2-of-3 only if both coaches agree; if they do not then the coaches flip a coin to decide the format of the playoff single game or two out of three series.

At the state tournament both the semifinals and finals are single-game format. Academics and other sports[ edit ] Advancement in these activities is dependent on the individual event involved. Musical competition[ edit ] In musical competitions, schools are aligned into 33 regions the regions themselves are set not by the UIL, but by the Texas Music Educators Association. Advancement within musical competition is not based on direct competition against other schools.

uil regional track meet 2014 results

Instead, musicians are compared against an established rubric this is comparable to conformation dog shows where dogs compete against the written standard for their breed, not against other dogs of differing breedsand all schools or individuals who are judged "Division 1" the highest level advance to the next level, except for state competition. For marching band, schools compete against other schools in the same UIL conference. All schools of all conferences compete in region competition annually, as a fall semester activity.

However, in even-numbered years schools in Conferences 2A, 4A, and 6A can advance from region to area and state, and in odd-numbered years schools from Conferences 3A and 5A can advance from region to area and state, in addition to schools in Conference 1A may advance from region to state There are no Area contests for Conference 1A, only for 2A and up. In order for bands to advance from Region to Area, they need to get an overall Division 1 from at least two Region judges, whether it be a,etc The Area and State winner is the school with the lowest ordinal score when the rankings from each judge are tabulated.

For example, School 1 receives a first place score from three judges, a second place score from the fourth judge, and a fourth place score from the fifth judge.

School 2 receives two first place scores and three second place scores.

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School 2 would be the champion despite receiving fewer first place scores because School 2's ordinal score is lower than School 1's. Thus, overall placement in the caption area for each judge is more important than the raw score awarded by the judge.

uil regional track meet 2014 results

Advancement in solo and small ensemble competition is from region to state, and at state the top two soloists and top ensemble are awarded medals. Individual performers may be given Outstanding Performer awards. However, advancement is limited not only to Division 1 winners, but the winners must have performed "Class 1" difficult level performances at region, and the performance must have been from a selection on the UIL's "Prescribed Music List" and also performed from memory except for certain instrumental pieces which are designated as exempt from such on the List.

uil regional track meet 2014 results

In sight reading, schools in different conferences read different pieces, and second groups officially called "non-varsity" groups read different pieces from other conferences than the varsity group. But all eyes will be on the relay race, which Head said might be the more competitive of the two relays Ryan is a part of. Rucker, Nwosu, Bowman and Walker — the combination that ran at regionals — are expected to run against a field that includes Richmond Foster, Lancaster, Port Arthur Memorial and Angleton.

Most of those programs have been to state before. This is the first time Ryan has qualified a relay. It forces us to work even harder. Bowman went back to JV and remained there through the district meet in April, but was moved up again to replace Rucker at the area meet two weeks later. Ryan won both meets, and with Smith nursing injuries at regionals, Bowman stepped in again. Freshman Brynn Brown, sophomore Christalee Kirby and senior Eni Akinniyi became the first athletes to qualify for the state meet since the Lady Wildcats competed at the Class 4A level in Kirby will open the competition at 3 p.

uil regional track meet 2014 results

Saturday with the shot put before Akinniyi triple jump, 6 p. Brown competed against Owen at the area and regional meets, coming up just short of a victory each time. Kirby threw at the region meet but spent the last two weeks focusing solely on shot put after falling short of qualifying for state in discus.