What you should bring to a track meet list

5 Items To Pack For A Track Meet - Mom, Are We There Yet?

what you should bring to a track meet list

Great idea for veteran parents of kids in track and field. Know what to You'll want to pack enough, without bringing enough for a getaway. Age group track meets can move slowly due to the number of events being offered Lastly, you should bring some items to keep you occupied between events. Here is a list of what I packed in my meet bags for high school This is needed to pack everything else that you need to bring to the meet.

What to Pack in a Track and Field Bag for Practice or a Meet

My daughter has been throwing now for 3 years and we just finished up her third season. Even now we forget to pack something, like the sunscreen for the hot and sunny invitational where she got a nasty sunburn. Item Why do I need that?

Towels Participants are at a meet all day and chances are that they only compete in a couple of events.

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A towel is great to sit on, it keeps you dry and in some cases, like for throwers, it drys off equipment. It can also double as a blanket on those cold days. Portable Phone Charger I can't tell you how many times my daughter has called me using the coaches phone because hers had died. We learned our lesson and the charger is always in her bag for a meet.

And if you are at a meet after the sun goes down and sitting around in the bleachers it gets cold, sometimes really cold.

What I Bring to Track Practice & Meets!?

You can also get chilled if you've been sweating and the temperature isn't that high. Money We couldn't make it to all of our daughters' meets this year so even though I packed her some snacks, I threw in some money.

what you should bring to a track meet list

Kids love going to the snack bar or getting a tshirt from that special invitational. The bags are relatively cheap and are sold at most shoe stores. Workout Clothes Track and field is about being as fast or as agile as possible, so put away the baggy sweats and get a workout outfit that will allow you to move.

Look for track pants instead of sweats. Wear long sleeve shirts instead of bulky sweaters or put a t-shirt over a long sleeve spandex shirt. There are a number of different shorts available in different lengths depending on your comfort level.

what you should bring to a track meet list

Above all, make sure you can bend, twist, turn and run comfortably in your apparel. Nutrition Bar Keep a nutrition bar handy in case you are hungry before, during, or after practice. You never want to fill up on fatty foods, and if your energy level is low a nutrition bar can give you a healthy boost.

Garbage Bag The outdoor track season begins in the spring—the rainy season. Bring a garbage bag with you to cover your things just in case there is a sudden downpour.

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A Digital Watch Track and field is all about timing—runners time their runs and splits, while throwers and jumpers have to keep track of their limited time on the runway or in the throwing ring.

The displays are easy to see and it is always handy to be in control of your own workout. Notebook and Pen Have a notebook that is dedicated to documenting your training and season. Use it as a training log to write down your workouts, keep track of your running times, throws or jumps and jot down your goals and concerns. This will help you keep your thoughts organized and allow you to review and reflect on the ups and downs of your season.

These are sport-specific items that come in handy for certain events: It is usually used to help stabilize ankles, wrists and fingers that are prone to injury.

But you can also use sports tape as a marker on the runway or track. Some pole vaulters will also use sports tape to help with their grip on the pole.

what you should bring to a track meet list

This tape is specifically made to help pole vaulters with their grip of the pole. It is cloth-like with a rubber adhesive and is sticky on both sides. Throwers and pole vaulters will usually use chalk to help them grip their implements. Half a tennis ball: It can be used as a marker for jumpers on the runway because its neon colors makes it easy to spot. Only the Start There are definitely not the only things you should have on hand, but they are some of the most useful.