What does gurdurr evolve into a relationship

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what does gurdurr evolve into a relationship

I used to have a really bad habit of rushing into relationships. So it was probably inevitable that a few months later I would be in a blind That was fine for a while, but as time went on and my needs in a partner evolved (i.e. This is due to Exeggcute being one of the few Pokemon to evolve only with . Machoke and Gurdurr are both strong fighters which dedicate their whole existence to . this almost symbiotic relationship that Riolu will finally evolve into Lucario. And I don't think our story is unique either. In this day and age, lots of relationships start off as hookups. Wondering how it's done? A recent.

What different kinds of stimulus can result in evolution? Why is this stimulus required for some species to evolve?

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What benefits do the species receive upon evolution? With us in the studio tonight are our chosen panelists Arcticblast, Bummer, Joeyboy, and shade, represented here by Oddish, Quagsire, Golduck, and Totodile respectively, and the first topic we'll be covering is: Evolutionary Stones Exeggcute, colloquially known as the Egg Pokemon, actually shares much more in common with plant seeds than with eggs; it is simply its physical characteristics that earned it its category.

If one looks closely at an Exeggcute's shell, small cracks can be easily observed. These cracks highly correlate with the respective Exeggcute's power level. The strongest Exeggcute are often the ones whose shells have completely cracked, leaving an exposed "yoke-y" brain open to attack. While this exposed brain can easily be seen as a defensive weakness, Trainers will quickly tell you that an Exeggcute whose brain is exposed has much more telepathic power than one whose brain is fully encased.

While an Exeggcute's power can be easy to detect, its evolution has eluded many newbie Trainers over the years.

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This is due to Exeggcute being one of the few Pokemon to evolve only with the aid of a Leaf Stone. The Leaf Stone is often subject to study due to its unknown properties and its result being impossible to duplicate in a lab setting.

The theory behind the stones is that they harbor core nutrients of an ancient plant. These nutrients act as biological "rocket-fuel" for a few Grass-type Pokemon, who usually evolve into a stage barely recognizable from their basic form.

This rule applies to Exeggcute, who evolves into Exeggutor, the Coconut Pokemon. Often referred to as the "Walking Tropical Forest," Exeggutor's only similarity to Exeggcute are the three "egg-like" heads it possesses. These three heads raise another unanswered question: Why are there only three when all Exeggcute consist of six separate eggs? The most widely accepted theory is that after exposure to a Leaf Stone, a brief, but fierce, telepathic battle begins between the six eggs.

The result of the battle is this: Scientists have been researching evolutionary stones for many years now and there are still very few clear-cut discoveries of note. This becomes especially apparent in many Pikachu, who seem to become highly anxious when in proximity with a Thunderstone. Or, if they do, do they need a Trainer to harness the power of the evolutionary stone? The Nidoran family are common vermin within Kanto city districts.

They breed like rabbits, feed like rats, and are as hostile as bears. Luckily, their lesser forms are easily controlled once discovered, and even their evolved forms can be managed if targeted appropriately.

But if you leave Moon Stone jewelry among the trash, you're in for a world of trouble, as the weak radiation from these gems are enough to trigger a most gruesome reaction in these venomous rodents.

Multiple theories have been made regarding the true nature of the energy emitted from Moon Stones. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to with lunar forces, as the affected species aren't necessarily nocturnal or active during the night. Instead, it's generally believed that the rocks give off gamma rays of a specific frequency, which can cause some species to evolve due to how readily it is absorbed into their genome.

This affects their gene expression, and in turn, their hormone production, which causes their body to greatly change its composure. For the most part, this sudden metamorphosis still results in a creature which isn't too different from the stage before it, apart from some additional bulk or new features.

But in the case of Nidorino and Nidorina, it's nothing short of a werewolf transformation, and the list of radical changes made to these species is long and constantly expanding. They go from being quadrupedal to bipedal, their torso becomes fully developed, and their skin grows thicker to function as both armor and poison storage.

what does gurdurr evolve into a relationship

In short, no cocktail of growth stimulates could possibly come close to this sudden change in physiology, and while these hazardous behemoths prefer a life in seclusion, a rampaging Nidoking is a force of nature one would be unwise to underestimate. Litwick's evolution line is infamous for supposedly destroying the soul of any living creature in close proximity.

The most terrifying of these is Chandelure, who can essentially kill its victims twice—once by incinerating the body and again by burning up the soul. Just about every living thing can rejoice in the fact that Chandelure is not found in the wild. However, it is entirely possible that a wild Lampent can find a Dusk Stone left behind by a careless Trainer and use it to evolve. Why do occurrences like this not make headlines?

It's quite simple, in fact. Chandelure is an unstable mutation of Lampent. A controversial study was performed by a group of scientists in Unova where a Lampent, a Dusk Stone, and several Grimer were left in a room together. The Lampent actively sought out the Dusk Stone to evolve and wreaked havoc on the Grimer.

Mysteriously, before it could wipe out the Grimer or use up its own PP, the Chandelure collapsed dead on the ground. Chemical tests revealed that Chandelure's cells and DNA had essentially scrambled themselves, causing them to no longer support vital functions.

While Unova's recent ban on destructive Pokemon testing has all but halted research, this is a popular theory among Pokemon Trainers, who will often have to resort to extreme methods of care for their own Chandelure.

It is completely cut off from the rest of the cave, and can only be accessed by rappelling from the top of the lowest available floor. In this deep well, huge colonies of Gigalith and ravenous Eelektross lurk in the shadows. How could any Pokemon exist in an environment so far away from the sun, you may ask? The producers have another source of energy.

It is believed that the deepest recesses of Chargestone Cave were created by the constant gnawing away of generations of Boldore, who survived on minerals and radiation, taken in from the cave's luminescent rocks. In the wild, it is energy such as this that gives Boldore the energy needed for evolution. Only in the deepest recesses of Chargestone Cave are there Boldore colonies completely cut off from the outside world, as most other Unova caves have a multitude of access areas where Boldore can take in sunlight.

These Boldore have proved incredibly important in the study of trade evolutions, as the energy in their crystals can be easily measured. The energy expended in a Pokemon trade is incredible, being measured at almost twelve thousand Gigajoules.

This is not only far above the requirements for Boldore to evolve, but incredibly wasteful.

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In the case of Boldore, and perhaps all other trade evolutions with the possible exception of Karrablast and Shelmetthe Pokemon can use this energy spike to trigger evolution. For now, there is little we know for certain about the process of trade evolution, but we can marvel at these amazing Pokemon! Haunter is a very mysterious Pokemon. While Haunter isn't the most physical Pokemon, its form is more solid than any Gastly.

This finding would leave many to believe that in order to evolve Haunter into Gengar a similar method would have to occur, as Gengar is also much more corporeal than Haunter. But there has been no evidence that a Haunter can evolve through battle experience alone; it takes a rather odd solution to evolve it. Evolving a Haunter, as many of you will know, involves trading your loyal Ghost-type Pokemon to another fellow Trainer.

It is only through this method that you will be able to utilize Haunter to its full potential.

what does gurdurr evolve into a relationship

Most pseudo-intellectuals will tell you that its obvious why Haunter evolves this way; trading a Pokemon exposes it to a rare kind of radiation that is found during trades. But it has actually been found that a Haunter simply exposed to the radiation in a lab, minus the trading, will not evolve. Thus, the radiation is not truly the cause of evolution. There is a myth as to why Haunter evolves through trading. It is that as Haunter travels between the two Trainers it is able to tap into the shadows, and the foul thoughts of them both.

Haunter feed off these things and with twice as much to "eat," it quickly gains strength and reaches evolution. Machoke and Gurdurr are both strong fighters which dedicate their whole existence to the mastering of physical combat and blunt violence.

Be it straight punches, quick throws, or thumb wars, they continuously strive to excel their skills, with a high metabolism to account for their strenuous activities.

But given the strength they can build up from personal training alone, once they are caught or given to a Trainer for the first time, they instantly bond with their new guardian, and it has been proven that these two fighters develop better under an overseeing presence. With that in mind, the fact that they evolve after being traded to a different Trainer has for a long time been disputed. Neither Machoke nor Gurdurr requires more energy absorbed from the transfer in order to evolve, as they're both saturated with power prior to their evolution.

For that reason, many believe that their evolutionary trigger is instead of a psychological nature. This, too, has spurred a plethora of different theories.

Evan all those years ago Conkeldurr had a great relationship alongside humanity, and have remained that way since. They taught human builders and construction crews how to compose and make concrete, leading to a massive advance in human construction.

If Conkeldurr had refrained from teaching us their trade, we all might still be living in clay huts! We still do not know why they even bothered teaching us such an important thing, other than out of pure kindness.

Gurdurr (Pokémon)

Just like Gigalith, Conkeldurr evolves through trading. But in order for Gigalith to actually evolve, the process requires trading via a proper trading machine; whereas Conkeldurr can evolve through any sort of agreed trade. Gigalith require a specific energetic signal to trigger the evolutionary process; and through our knowledge we believe that they never could evolve into Gigalith before our intervention. Conkeldurr meanwhile have been evolving themselves for thousands of years without human interaction, so this is clearly nothing new to their species.

We believe the trigger for evolution lies in the act of joining other groups or teams, or bonding with someone new. Likewise, they only evolve in human captivity when going from one trainer to another. It's a pretty flimsy suggestion, but it's all we have currently. As a Gurdurr they were obsessed with strength and it was a major focus of their life, but now as a Conkeldurr it has wizened up a lot and has taken on a far more relaxed, observant attitude; you will certainly be taken off guard by the sudden changes!

We believe this happens because such a huge amount of strength is gained upon evolving into Conkeldurr that it far exceeds what Gurdurr was hoping to obtain; and thus it realises that it no longer needs to seek power. Furthermore saying goodbye to their friends and greeting new ones is a sharp wake-up call and reminds them that friends are very important, something they already knew as a Gurdurr.

In the wild a Gurdurr trades places with another Gurdurr and evolves into Conkeldurr, obtaining leadership over whatever tribe it just joined. All Timburr and Gurdurr have great respect for this new leader and listen to whatever they have to say.

what does gurdurr evolve into a relationship

It has a lot of spare time now that it no longer constantly develops its body, so it devotes that time to developing relationships with others and sharing any knowledge it has gathered over its long life. Even though it now has an amazingly mighty body, it rarely exhorts its own power.

In the wild, the only time Conkeldurr will fight will be to defend its tribe if under attack, or to scare off any potential invaders. Under the ownership of a human, it will obviously fight a lot more during battles, but will also scare off anyone it deems as a threat to its dear trainer.

To summarize, Conkeldurr is a mighty powerhouse that refrains from showing power unless needed, and would rather share its knowledge and live peacefully with its tribe or trainer.

Timburr evolves into Gurdurr

You don't feel like you can fully be yourself around them. You've never openly talked about your feelings towards each other. Have they ever even told you that they like you? Or that they enjoy spending time with you? I'm not asking for them to get all mushy, but you need to have some indication that they're in this for something other than a hookup. They don't try to impress you.

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