What is the relationship between lords and serfs

The End of Europe's Middle Ages - Feudal Institutions

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

The serfs lived in tiny houses filled with dirt and insects. The nobles lived in great manors, with a large landscape around them for farming. The hierarchies were formed up of 4 main parts: Monarchs, Lords/Ladies (Nobles ), Knights, and Peasants/Serfs. Each of the levels depended on each other on. You and your neighbors share a plow between you, and you combine your oxen into teams to till . What was the relationship between serfs and lords, broadly?.

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

The king could also grant fiefs to vassals knights in exchange for military service. Many knights were professional warriors who served in the lord's army. In return, the lord provided the knight with lodging, foodarmor, weapons, horses and money. Peasants, or serfs, farmed the land and provided the vassal or lord with wealth in the form of food and products.

Serfs vs. Lords

The peasants were bound to the land, so it was in the vassal's interest to protect them from invaders. Fiefs -- and the obligation to serve the king -- were inherited by the eldest son of the ruling nobleman. Feudalism allowed large territories to be governed in the absence of a central government. Each lord or vassal raised an army to defend his fief and to serve the king as needed.

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

In fact, nobles often warred amongst themselves over territories. Knights were members of the gentry in that they held a place in society above the peasants, but they weren't necessarily members of the noble ruling classes or royalty.

During the feudal era, what was the relationship between lords and serfs?

Knighthood was not an inherited position -- it had to be earned. So, it was an appealing means for a younger son of a lord to advance himself.

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

They woke up each day to tend the fields and if they were lucky they could cook for their noble lords. They were unable to change their work because they depended on the nobles. As did the nobles on them.

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The nobles work was to either train their fighting skills or to recruit knights for the king. This was the nobles duty to create an army for the king in return for land. They had to fight the wars when needed and they had to serve with pure loyalty. Neither the serfs or the nobles had easy jobs but that was medieval living.

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

Rags, and old ripped shirts were the classic serf forms of clothing. They wore what they could find, and what they could find wasn't much.

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It was uncommon for serfs to buy clothes and the only ones that had better forms of clothing were the manor serfs who cooked and cleaned. The rich wore things that were colorful. The color represented their wealth. Color was hard to come by and bright colors were usually worn by nobles.

what is the relationship between lords and serfs

They sometimes made silk clothing which was very valuable since it came from Asia and other distant lands.