Hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother

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hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother

The following weapons were used in the videogame Hitman: Codename Runs Loose" and is carried by the orderlies in "Meet Your Brother". . them as do their Red Dragon counterparts in the latter mission and in "Lee Hong Assassination". Available in 12 ga. with [a] choice of either 20" fully rifled barrel for sabot or. Which is your favorite mission in the iconic C47 Kowloon Triads in a Gang War Paradise; Plutonium Runs Loose; The Setup; Meet Your Brother. 0 voters. Show results.:grin: Silverballer UTC #2. His missions take him to a variety of locations, targeting decadent criminals. In Hitman: Codename 47, players take on the role as the titular hitman Agent Using his . Meet Your Brother. Objectives: None (Kill Everyone). Money: None.

As the car begins to turn the corner, push the BOOM! If timed properly, your target and all of his bodyguards will have been killed at the same time. Alternatives To be completely honest, this is really the only practical way of doing this level. You can bring some heavier fire power and try to take out all the targets, but it probably won't work.

There is a sniper rifle in an alley in the far western reaches of the map, but there isn't any real practical use for it. The Triads are ready for war, but the chief of police is stepping in to attempt to stop the bloodshed. He is, even at fifty-eight years of age, a powerfully built man. Kill him, place the blame on the Red Dragon, and all Lee Hong's protection will be removed, thus allowing you to go after the Hong himself. Recommended Equipment Fiber Wire Gun of your choice.

You can take any gun you wish, even the shotgun, though it makes things slightly difficult. I usually take the silenced berretta or the deagle, just so I can have an opportunity to use this powerful weapon. This man isn't really your target, but he must die to make way for you to kill the head cop in charge. COP- Unusable and you get charged for killing a police officer.

Go inside and ask the bartender for the key to the bathroom. Go into the bathroom, close the door and drop whichever weapon you brought if you brought the shotgun, you will have to go though the alleyways and climb through the window; don't forget to get the key.

hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother

Leave the restaurant and head north. There will be a sewer grate ever so slightly to the right. Head east and at the end of the street look north.

If he hasn't showed up already, the red dragon negotiator should soon be coming towards you. Let him turn the corner and start heading west toward the sewer grate. Observe your surroundings, and when all civilians and cops have looked away, run up to him and wire him. Strafe-drag his body over to the sewer, let it drop inside, follow him down and take his clothes and amulet. Climb up out the sewer and go south to the restaurant.

You will be searched as you attempt to enter the front door, and any weapons except the wire will be removed. Walk into the restaurant and walk ever so casually into the bathroom.

Close the door behind you. Pick up your weapon, open the door and make the police chief's head go boom. Close the door and holster your weapon. Check the area outside the window to make sure it is clear and climb out. If you try to leave the bathroom, the bartender pulls out a sawn-off, which can kill in one hit on hard. Head back to your car. You'll probably get a message saying objectives aren't complete because you forgot to drop the amulet.

I still do it after a hundred plays. Run back to the restaurant, climb in the window, drop the amulet, and head back to the car. You still have to kill the red dragon negotiator and hide his body, and you still have to drop the medallion.

His police protection has been removed, and the new police chief is likely forming a case against him. The Blue Lotus is preparing for a full scale war. Hong has no friends outside of the Red Dragon Triad.

But he still has a small army of heavily armed guards, and his own personal bodyguard, Tzun, whom is skilled in both firearms and unarmed combat. Hong himself is a martial arts master, and is well versed in the use of the Chinese Jian. This is your first officially difficult mission.

There are quite a few places where a guard turning his head a different way can have deadly consequences. It is also large and rather convoluted. Use your map if you are having difficulty finding something. There are three well, more like three and a half different methods for beating this level, but you must keep track of your numerous objectives.

Useful for moving around in the beginning of the level. You will finish the mission with this outfit. Possible to do without, but it makes it far more difficult. The sniper rifle from level two is gone, but there are another two inside. Head directly north and go into the restaurant. You will see a bodyguard standing in front of a storage room and can wire him and take his clothes, but I recommend another one, so simply pass him by.

Go into the bar and look to the left. Go up and talk to the bartender, and he will give you a flyer for the brothel the two waiters will recommend this if you speak to them.

You can get a sawn-off with two shells if you kill the bartender, which is possible, albeit sometimes difficult, to do stealthily. Turn around and go east and you should eventually come to a room with a sign that says bathroom and a door immediately ahead guarded by a bodyguard.

Ignore that door for a second, and go into the bathroom. See that bodyguard with the sunglasses and the suit? You need to expire him, which can be tricky because the two waiters come through here at random intervals and can really ruin your day. Kill him, drag him into the right bathroom no one ever goes in there and take his clothes.

And now go back to the Go back into the bathroom lobby and chill for a little bit, and you will eventually see a waiter come to go to the bathroom. It doesn't matter if it is the green one or yellow one, but you need to kill the waiter.

This is the only time in the entire game where this is necessary, and it can be avoided, but makes the level considerably more difficult. Drag him into the bathroom with the bodyguard and leave him there. Now go back to the aforementioned guarded door. The guard will welcome you and tell you of the wonders that lay ahead. Go through the hall and slightly to the left and ahead as you walk into the next room, you will see an overweight man in a purple jacket. No, you can't wear his clothes.

I don't think even IOI can make that one fit him, in reference to the fact that all clothes in the entire Hitman series fit like a perfectly tailored suit of clothes, irregardless of the original owner's dimensions, but enough rambling. He will either repeat the message of the previous guard, or tell you have chosen well.

Continue through the door and up the stairs to the right and you will see two women, one old and decrepit, another, young, beautiful, rather, er, lascivious, and quite scantily clad. Talk to the Madame, and she will introduce the girl as Lei Ling.

Ling will begin to walk towards a room; follow her.

"Hitman 1: Codename 47", HD walkthrough (Hard), Final Mission 12 - Meet Your Brother

When you get behind closed doors, she will offer you the combination to Lee Hong's safe if you help her escape, which is very easy. She runs out the room. Follow her and she will eventually bring you to a ladder, walk up to it to activate a cutscene, and you will appear on the other side of the wall.

Go south to the gate and she will tell you there is an American agent captured in the basement, give you the combination, and give you something else to make this a memorable hit.

Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 13 - Meet Your Brother

Go back to the restaurant and you will see three doors; go through the one in the middle. Look the left for a small narrow staircase it will be the second opening leading to the basement. Go down the stairs and you will see two triads guarding this area. Take a left, then another left, go straight all the way to the end of the hall, and then look right and you will see a guard standing in front of a door.

Agent Smith is in there actually I don't think they ever call him Smith in Codename 47, hmm, oh well. It is possible to get behind him between all of his "Leave immediately! If you follow this one, he will go to a room and stand by one of the level's two R93's this one is all but impossible to smuggle to a good vantage point without leave a massive pile of corpses, so ignore itwhere you can wire him.

You can also simply time it so he doesn't see kill the door guard, but this can be unreliable and can force a restart. Kill both of them. Take the door guard's clothing and drag his body into the interrogation room if you didn't take out the patrolling guard if you did, you can leave both bodies where they lay. You will see a heavily abused red-headed man with Old Glory boxer shorts.

Talk to him, and do not skip the cutscene until he has told the location of the safe. There are four possible locations, and opening the wrong one sounds an alarm and draws just about the entire baddie population to your current location. The safe can be located in the brothel, a storage room, the VIP area, or upstairs in the guard quarters.

If he says the safe is in the brothel, thank Lady Luck for giving you the easy one. Go back to the brothel to where you first met Lei Ling, but instead of going into the door straight ahead, take the door to the left, and the one straight ahead and you will see the safe with one lone guard. Either sneak behind him and wire him or shoot him from behind with the silenced pistol.

Franchi PA3 in game. Judgment Dayinside a locker on the roof and in a room on the third floor in "The Setup" and inside a locker in "Meet Your Brother". If you prefer adjustable open sights, the Monte Carlo [style] stock promotes fast sight alignment. Available in 12 ga. Note the wood furniture. Inventory view of the Mossberg AT in game.

Mossberg AT in game. Agent 47 contemplates if bringing a shotgun to a hotel was a good idea. Sawed off Double Barreled Shotgun - 12 Gauge. Sawed off Double Barreled Shotgun in game. The Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant bartender draws a Double Barreled Shotgun when he feels threatened by the menacing bald man with a barcode on the back of his head.

This weapon was developed for the Russian motorized infantry, and adopted for service by the Soviet Army inwhich designated it the AK after the inventor Kalashnikov and the year he invented it. It's a very simply and sturdy assault rifle with big power and no frills.

Ideal range up to 1, meters. Weight 4, grams with loaded magazine. Rear [sight] adjustable for [elevation], and front post adjustable for [windage]. Inventory view of the AK in game. One of Lee Hong's caches in his tunnel-like basement. Two can also be found in the shooting range in "Training" where it is erroneously referred to by Ort-Meyer as an AK Colt M16A2 The Colt M16A2 is featured in the game and is incorrectly portrayed as being full-auto and also lacks a brass deflector.

It is used by a few of Ochoa's soldiers in "Find the U'wa Tribe" and can be found in a weapons cache, one is hidden in the temple in "The Jungle God", some of the mercenaries use them in "Plutonium Runs Loose" instead of an Uzi and one can be found in a room on the third floor of the asylum in "The Setup".

Colt M16A2 Rifle - 5. Inventory view of the Colt M16A2 in game. Colt M16A2 in game. It can be equipped by 47 in "Kowloon Triads in Gang War" to assassinate the Red Dragon negotiator, which is the most common way to complete the mission. The fast, simple handling is in this case an indispensable safety and security factor. The maximum amount of ammunition you can purchase. It should be noted that this does not mean the maximum amount of ammo you can carry for that weapon.

You can usually find additional ammo in the field.

Hitman: Codename FAQ/Walkthrough

Information on the weapon or item. However, you need to get up behind a person for them to be most effective. This is a standard combat knife. Its main use is to slit the throat of a person from behind.

In real life slitting a throat will leave behind quite a mess as your victim bleeds out all over the place. However, in "Hitman", this isn't an issue as your victim just drops bloodlessly to the ground. This is the best up-close weapon because you can quickly kill a person and Holster the weapon before anybody can become suspicious.

However, the main problem with it is that you risk having the victim make noise as you are killing him which can attract unnecessary attention. To prevent this then you should be in Sneak Mode so you can totally surprise your victim.

This is a specially made weapon using a very strong fiber wire. Its main use is to strangulate your victim from behind. The best feature about this weapon is that, because you are strangulating your victim, he will not make any noise as you are attacking him. Another feature is that it will not trigger metal detectors. The main drawback to using this weapon is that it takes time to kill your victim during which you are vulnerable to being seen. However, they tend to make a lot of noise which will attract unwanted attention.

This semi-automatic pistol packs a decent punch but has a small magazine. This weapon is considered the signature handgun of the "Hitman" series. This handgun, which shares ammo with the Hardballer, has a much larger magazine. This weapon also sounds a little less loud as well.

If you need a handgun to take with you then this is the best one to have if it is available to purchase. This gun has the largest caliber of ammunition of all of the handguns making it very powerful.

Unfortunately, it also makes it very loud and you will attract unwanted guests in hurry. And, like the Hardballer, it also has a small magazine.

They also use the same ammo SMG Ammo. This weapon has a decent rate of fire but tends to be inaccurate at anything beyond medium distance. Short, controlled bursts will help you to conserve ammo. This submachine gun is better than the Uzi because it is more accurate and has a better rate of fire. Care must be taken when carrying these things around lest you blow your cover unless you are properly disguised.

This is by far the most popular weapon in the world owing to the fact that it is the most rugged, durable, and reliable machine gun of its kind.

However, the loose tolerances that allow the weapon to be so durable also makes it inaccurate at long distances. Although this weapon has a smaller caliber than the AK47 this is the better machine gun due to a faster rate of fire and much higher accuracy.

Weekly Mission Discussion #12 - Codename 47 - The Setup : HiTMAN

However, they are very noisy, weak in medium to long range combat, and cannot be concealed. Generally I tend to stay away from these weapons for those reasons. This shotgun fires one shot at a time which makes makes it tough to use on multiple enemies. Pump-Action Shotgun 12 Gauge Caliber. This weapon is the precursor of the more famous S.

S 12 shotgun featured in games like "Grand Theft Auto: Packs the same punch as the Mossberg Persuader Shotgun but has the distinct advantage of being able to fire multiple rounds before reloading. They are best used when way out of sight distance so you don't get discovered when taking down someone. To use a sniper rifle press the Fire key to bring up the scope then use the Mousewheel to go through the three levels of zoom.

Then press Fire again to fire the weapon. You will notice that your scope will bob up and down. The more you sit still, the more it will stabilize. This is important to know so you can make a good shot at someones noggin. This is the main sniper rifle you will see the most in "Codename 47". It has a range of m and fires one shot at a time.

Only of these rifles were ever made because it was too expensive to achieve widespread sales of the weapon. This makes it a rare and valuable collectable. Although it uses a slightly smaller caliber than the R93 the WA is better because of its range which is 1,m, meters more than the R93, and the fact that you can fire multiple shots before needing to reload. It should be noted, though, caliber doesn't really matter if you manage to put the round between the eye sockets of your intended victim.

This weapon also becomes the signature sniper rifle of the "Hitman" games. The M60 is a very powerful belt fed large machine gun that normally is handled by two people - one to fire and one to handle the ammo belt.

However, in this game, you handle it just like any machine gun. It is about as accurate than the M16 and is certainly more powerful. There are only two drawbacks to this weapon.

First, it is pretty loud so expect more Guards to come calling if you use it. And second, this weapon only appears during the Columbia chapter of the story.

This large gatling-style machine gun is the most powerful weapon in the game. It spits ammo like there's no tomorrow and very little can stand up to it. In real life, this weapon is often attached to vehicles and cannot be carried by a person.

But, just like with the M60, you have no problems lugging this thing with you. There are a couple of major drawbacks though. The first is that it takes nearly two seconds from the time you hold down Fire to actually shoot the weapon. This is because the barrel needs to start spinning before it can shoot bullets.

So, by the time you start shooting, your target either has moved out of the way or killed you. But there is a commonly known trick to get around that. Quickly tap the Left Mouse Button to spin the barrel without firing. This way you can fire immediately when you fire again.

But you need re-spin the barrel before making another attack. Another downside to the Minigun is that you move very slowly while carrying it. This makes you very vulnerable to attack. However, there is another commonly known trick to get around that.

In order to speed yourself up when carrying this weapon you must Holster it first.

hitman codename 47 mission 12 meet your brother

But you can't use the Holster key to do it or you will drop the weapon. You must use the Holster option in the Inventory List to properly Holster this weapon so you can move faster. These two tricks are very useful in the one mission where you need to use the Minigun.

These are Remote detonated C4-Explosives. After you plant it then bring out the detonator and use the Fire key to activate. When the transmitter is planted then you use either the Receiver or your Map to track the target. None - found in Weapons Depot. This is worn around the torso and will offer some protection against bullet fire.

However, this only protects the torso not the arms, legs, and head. Therefore it is possible to still die from head and extremity wounds without losing any body armor at all. But some protection is still better than no protection at all. This little device will help when dealing with large Maps.

However, this does not automatically activate when you start a mission. You must manually activate it from the Inventory List. This will allow you to scope out areas before proceeding. You use it like a Sniper Rifle in that you "shoot" it to activate and use the movement keys to zoom in and out.

When you have selected what you need then click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to begin your mission Codename 47" take place. In the center of your screen is your main character. In the upper right corner of the Main Screen you will find your Selected Items Display, Ammo when you use certain weaponsand your Inventory List when activated.

In the center of your screen will be a large white dot which is the Cursor. It will become a Crosshair when you pull out any kind of weapon.

When you get close enough to certain objects then you will see a prompt in the Action Window, in the upper left corner, to indicate what action you can take with it such as taking it or using it. Special prompts will also appear in the Action Window when certain events occur. It will list certain actions that may not be immediately available in the Action Window.

In most cases it is easier to use the Pointer Menu to pick up or manipulate objects rather than use the Action Window. Use these keys to highlight what weapon or item you wish to use then press the Left Mouse Button to pull it out. If you are pulling out a weapon then you can also attack immediately when you bring it out. You may notice that when you have the Inventory List up then your Cursor will disappear. If you are planning to use a gun to aim and shoot someone then aim first before bringing up the list.

Although everybody appears to be moving randomly there is nothing random about their movements. The most important thing to know about this game, as well as the other "Hitman" games, is that everybody, Guards and Civilians alike, move in very specific patterns. It is very important to note these patterns as it can make the difference between success and failure. When you first play a mission it is best to take your time and observe everything so you can get the feel of how everybody moves before doing anything of importance.

One way to break a pattern is if a body is discovered. Either the Guard will stand there possibly making him easier to attack or go back to his pattern as though nothing has happened and leave the body alone. As you can see, the Guards aren't exactly known for their smarts. This is, obviously, to your advantage. Placing yourself in the exact spot in the patrol pattern of a Guard can make it much easier to take him down without fuss and where you don't need to move the body or be much closer to a place where you can drag him.

Or waiting for the precise moment when a Civilian goes around a corner so you can take down a Guard without being seen. There are situations where you need to quietly dispose of someone that may get in your way later. The main thing to know is that if you get behind someone and pull out any weapon then they will hear you pulling it out and you may alert him even if you are in the process of killing him. This can lead to problems, especially if he makes any noise.

However, if you enter Sneak Mode, in which case you will crouch, you will move about slowly and silently. Most importantly, you will also be able to pull out any weapon without anybody hearing it even if you are up against someone.

And, of course, your victim won't be able to make any noise since you will completely surprise him when you attack. During the course of the guide you will see three specific Melee Attack words: Knife, Slash, and Wire. They pertain to certain methods of Melee Attacks: Below are the moves involved in the method: Depending on how you set up your controls, regardless of whether or not you use Xpadder, you can Holster your Knife and get out of Sneak Mode before your victim hits the ground.

Get up right against his backside and walk with him, highlight the Knife, then quickly press the Left Mouse Button to pull out the weapon and attack before he can make any noise and immediately Holster the Knife. There are certain situations where the Fibre Wire may be better for melee attacking than the Knife. After killing your victim then you should drag him to a secluded area so he isn't found by other Guards and Civilians. To drag a body you need to be close enough to the body to get the action to appear in the Action Window or place the cursor on the body so you get the Pointer Menu prompt.

Then activate the Pointer Menu and select Drag. At this point you will grab the body and start to drag it behind you. This will slow you down a lot and you will risk being seen. So it is important to either kill him near a place where you can hide the body or kill him in a secluded area so you don't have to drag the body at all.