How to follow your heart in a relationship

Your Heart Verses Your Head—Which One Do You Trust? | The Everygirl

how to follow your heart in a relationship

You've probably heard it so many times "Follow your heart". your relationship and your safety, it would be wise to listen to your head, not just. For many years of my life, I didn't know how to follow my heart. And as a result, my quality of life and relationships was mediocre at best often. Choosing to follow your heart is a bold statement to make, but what does it to make the action to spy (a sign of mistrust) and that damages the relationship;.

In my emotional heart I may fear, I may want to avoid something, or I may long for something, desire it. In my energetic heart, the response will not be based on any sense of fear, avoidance, lack, or insufficiency.

It is based in a consistent, integral sense of Self, in relationship to others, to the world, and to life itself. I used to be afraid of confrontation, or even of risking a confrontation by displeasing people.

I had the usual reaction: Having to take this action and tell them caused me a lot of anxiety. I was afraid of the anger and rejection I felt certain would come of it. I delayed and avoided.

how to follow your heart in a relationship

When I did tell them, I was met with confusion, anger, and blame. The response I feared did happen. I was okay…We were okay. It made my relationship stronger because my wife knew I would take her needs seriously, and act on them, even though it was uncomfortable for me. It made me stronger, because it helped me to realize that even if I made other people unhappy, I could still be okay.

Letting go of fear opened me up to growth. The more you practice decision-making in this way, the more you develop an incredible sense of freedom, an ability to move in this world in a way that is true to yourself and to your life purpose. And when making your decisions becomes clearer, less stressful, and less conflicted, it makes your relationships with others a lot easier. You may be afraid that if you act according to your heart, you will make people angry.

And that may be exactly what happens. But your great fears of the consequences of people being angry with you never happen. You realize that even if you have to deal with loss, you have regained something of yourself. Relationships become simpler as you feel a sense of wholeness, of integrity. You know you are acting with integrity, and so you feel comfortable affirming your choices.

how to follow your heart in a relationship

You feel less defensive when people disagree with you. This is a freedom we should all wish for each other, and grant each other. And, in case you were wondering, nineteen years later, we still love living in Nova Scotia.

It is home now, and we would never think of leaving. The Case For Your Heart: One of my friends is someone that blindly follows her heart.

She will go to extreme lengths to prove that she can go to extreme lengths. Her love for her heart scares me. So no matter what she loses; be it time, money or relationships, she will always have herself.

Follow Your Heart, Not Your Fear: How to Make the "Right" Choice

If you live your life like this, do you ever really regret anything? Do matters of the heart even matter? But relationships have a funny way of ending, and as animals of nature, we are psychologically tuned to learn from our mistakes. So, how are you supposed to rely solely on your heart after something disastrous happens? I also worry for her. I know that one misstep, one bad relationship, one disastrous fight can make her doubt her own trust in herself, for at least a short period of time.

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Living with the coulda, shoulda, wouldas is painful. So maybe the risk of getting hurt is worth it? The Case For Your Head: You do what makes sense for you.

You will learn how to nod your head, and take any challenges that will come along your way. You will learn that people will forget all the embarrassing things you did in the past. You will learn to let go, and let your heart be in control.

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Because your heart has a mind of its own, and it wants to guide you to walk in the direction you really want to go. Your heart wants you to live life with openness, to only do things that you love, and to act with no regrets.

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So stop overthinking, over-analyzing, and over-weighing the pros and the cons. Just go ahead, and follow your heart. Please hear your heart out because it wants you to live.