Meet your garden song

meet your garden song

Read For You from the story Meteor Garden OST Song Lyrics () by Yixuan__Uniq (⚜ 엑소 ⚜) with reads. caesarwu, dylanwang, shenyue. Zugu yu. 年7月24日 Theme song of Meteor Garden 庾澄庆Yu Cheng Qing Harlem Yu 情非得 of everything / in that crazy way)又(again)会(will)遇见(meet)你(you). Who would forget the rich-boy-meets-poor-girl love story of Shan Cai (Barbie) . DID YOU KNOW: Two of Meteor Garden's theme songs were.

As Daoming Si's mother was leaving the hospital, she warned Shancai to stop seeing him and told Xiaozi to stop befriending Shancai.

Shancai retorted that she will stay with him until he personally tells her that he does not want her.

Daoming Si's surgery was a success, but a skull injury caused a blood vessel clot. When he woke from his coma, he remembers everyone except Shancai. At Meizuo's suggestion, Shancai starts recalling their memories together and begs him to remember her. After she declares her love and vows that she will never leave him, he reveals the joke, surprising everyone but Lei who suspected it.

Seeing that Daoming Si was back to normal, Lei asks Mrs. Yu to go home and rest, requesting that she does not inform Daoming Si's mother yet about him regaining consciousness. Yu assures him that she will only inform Zhuang, Ah-si's sister, about his condition.

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Shancai returns to school and gained sudden popularity due to her media coverage during the attack on Si. After Si got discharged from the hospital, he decides to stay in Lei's house to avoid his mother's attention.

meet your garden song

He tells Lei about his plan to marry Shancai and hints on a secret plan for a new concept for the Dao Ming group hotels. Meanwhile, Xiaoyou joins the Way of Tea club where she forms an immediate bond with a short-haired lady called Yifen. Trivia[ edit ] Unlike in the original series, Xi Men Caesar Wu adapted the tea culture characteristic of his manga counterpart. Dylan Wangwho portrays Dao Ming Si, played the similar character as a challenge in one episode of the Chinese survival program Super Idol, which he also won.

The and Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai was a guest in the episode. Its ending scene is similar to the series, where Harlem Yu is singing in the street and Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai stop to praise his song.

meet your garden song

However, in the version, the other F4 members and producer Angie Chai join the couple and Yu in singing the song. There are over 30 kissing scenes in the series including kisses on the cheeks and forehead. The F4's red card is changed to a joker card in this version to tone down the violence due to China's TV censorship. The contest was originally a pageant, called Teen of Japan, in the manga and Japanese drama.

F4 are popular for their bridge skills, which they have won international awards for, while the F4's popularity originally came from their wealthy families in the manga and other versions.

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Shan Cai and her best friend Xiao You work at a milk tea shop, while their counterparts from the series work in a pastry shop. Tsukushi, called Shan Cai in this version, has a younger brother who plays a small part in the story of the manga and other adaptations. But that was not seen in this version. Meteor Garden, the and versions, are set at a university while the manga and its adaptations occur at an high school escalator school.

The amnesia story arc, which is present in the Japanese and Korean versions, is removed from the this version. But it is kept as a prank Dao Ming si does on Shan Cai just to make her confess her love to him. International broadcast[ edit ] Philippines: In Januarythe two decided to call it quits, without revealing any reason about their break-up. In a report by Yahoo! However, according to the producer, the series was only inspired by the Manga series and was not based on it.

However, instead of the usual group composed of four boys, the Indian version had "FAB5," a group of rich, spoiled kids in a university which consists of three boys and two girls. The series gained immense popularity in India, making it the No.

Meteor Garden had more than eight runs in the Philippines. In the middle of its run, the network decided to air a "rewind" during weekend mornings.

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The series originally aired at 5: Eugene Domingo was the voice behind Auntie Jade? Two of Meteor Garden's theme songs were translated and performed in Tagalog.

meet your garden song

These were the first season's two official themes: Meteor Garden's F4 renamed its band in ? Back inSueisha Inc. However, inSueisha Inc.