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meet your makers joindota eg

Fear left MYM after one year, only a few weeks before the MYM organization went Among his teammates were his former partner in EG's DotA roster, .. very good opportunity for us by Gareth of joinDOTA at The Bucharest Major DeMoN attended The International with Meet Your Makers, and Among his teammates was his former partner in EG's DotA roster, Fear. . TI by Soe Gschwind-Penski of at The International coL. compLexity Gaming. USA. Rank: Record: / (55%). Points: 30, Prize Money: , € · Meet Your Makers*.

Their run in the loser's bracket would prove to be short as they were immediately knocked out by TongFu. EG's success was unfortunately short lived as the team was marred with inconsistent play. Despite the team's poor play, Fear showcased himself as one of the strongest players in the western scene, a point that was emphasized with his victory in A Fistful of Tangoes.

In order to help the team better prepare for upcoming tournaments, Fear decided to move into the EG team house in Phoenix, Arizona where his teammates would eventually join him.

meet your makers joindota eg

This forced the team to immediately replace him with SexyBamboe. Fear, now captain of EG, decided to switch to a support role to better fit the team's needs.

Fear excelled at this role; however, the team still suffered from inconsistent play. The team's lackluster play and mid-season roster shuffle likely cost the team their The International invite.

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The team ultimately failed to qualify for the tournament, placing fourth in the The International Western Qualifiers. This would mark the first International that Fear did not participate in. All five members moved into Evil Geniuses's team house in San Francisco, California, which Fear had wanted from a team for quite some time. The team initially showed promise with a second place finish at Electronic Sports World Cup ; however, the team played quite poorly for the remainder of Shortly after the tournament, Fear had to take an extended hiatus from Evil Geniuses due to an arm injury.

Fear had committed himself to a six week recovery plan that would allow him to be active for upcoming tournaments. Unfortunately, he was unable to fully recover in time. With strong performances by Fear on unconventional safe lane farmers such as Shadow Shaman or Tidehunteras well as more traditional carries like LycanEG was able to eliminate TI4 finalists Vici Gaming and Newbee from the lower bracket with consecutive victories.

In the finals of the tournament EG dismantled their western counterparts Cloud9cruising to a victory thanks in large part to Fear's diverse hero pool.

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EG looked to carry this momentum into The Summit 2 ; however, due to some lackluster plays the returning champions finished in fourth place. Despite the poor showing in the last tournament of the year, was a great year for Fear as his ability to switch between hard carries and tempo controlling heroes quickly became a focal point of ppd's drafts.

This proved to be a key factor in EG's success for the last quarter of as they established themselves as one of the best teams in the world. In January the "great western Dota reshuffle" was sparked by the departure of Arteezy and Zai from Evil Geniuses to Team Secretdue in large part to conflicts within the team. This tournament would mark the return of Fear to the more conventional farming safe lane carry heroes, as SumaiL preferred to play tempo controlling mids.

With great play from all members of the team, EG found themselves in the top 4 after the group stage with an record. Trustand then their toughest opponent in the competition yet, iG.

That game was a display of total dominance from MYM and it sent iG out of the tournament. For many of us, MYM has been as much a part of our identity in DotA as our own nickname has, but we are confident that moving on is for the best.

meet your makers joindota eg

The players will finish the year off by doing different things. Some will continue playing competitively while others are taking a break from the pro circuit. Some has obligations outside of the game that they cannot ignore while others wants to focus fullheartedly on DotA for the rest of the year. Once the new year starts and DotA2 launches, we will most likely meet up and join forces once again!

Maelk, captain of MYM After several months of not seeing anything from Maelk, rumors stating that was going to be picked up by Evil Geniuses started to spread. They delivered an encouraging performance, finishing second in the first group stage just after Ariana Gaming.

meet your makers joindota eg

Going into the second group stage EGagain showed good performance with a finish just behind the The International champions Na'Vi. Evil Geniuses ended up in third place after losing to Quantic Gaming in the losers bracket.

meet your makers joindota eg

They ended their losing streak by beating Zenith and later continued to beat all of the European teams that they faced. However, they lost to all of the Asian teams except for Zenith.

meet your makers joindota eg

Maelk and the team ended up as the fourth seed in their group, having won eight of their matches and losing six. In the playoffs, Maelk met the team that he sent home from the last International, iGwho, this time around looked much stronger than last time. In the deciding game, EG lost to a strong play from iGand were sent to the losers bracket, In the losers bracket they would have to pull off quite a feat as they were matched-up against the Chinese team, TongFuwho seemed to be the weakest of the Chinese teams.

EG lost against TongFu and were sent out of the tournament with no prize money and a th place finish.

They started out against Rigg3Dbeating them quite convincingly, and then went up against Maelk's old teammate, Lodawith his newly formed team No Tidehunter. Going into the quarterfinals against the fan favorite Na'Vi did not prove to be a problem for the team as they beat Na'Vi and sent them out of the tournament. EUand again EG showed that it had no problem as their beating Fnatic In the finals, EG once again matched-up against nth. EG started out by taking first game quite convincingly, but No Tidehunter came back and won the series with a secore.