Meet your match cats for sale

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meet your match cats for sale

How do you decide which dog or cat to take home? Our experienced staff will help you through our Meet Your Match program. Learn more. If your pet meet is a success, you will spend a few minutes completing some paperwork and learning about the many "extras" included with each adoption. The Meet Your Match® survey will help adopters understand their new pet — and themselves — a little better. | See more ideas about Meet you, Adoption and.

These are the shy cats, the ones who skitter away from new people. Yes, these felines might hide under the bed at first, just watching. However, for the patient new companion, the Private Investigator can provide years of relatively trouble-free co-existence. If you've ever wanted a secret admirer in a non-creepy way, these are the cats for you. Secret Admirers take their time getting to know new people and surroundings.

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Eventually they have the potential to become pretty affectionate. Like a quintessential Secret Admirer, this cat will likely become very loyal to her companion or family. Friendly orange cats earn the titles the Sidekick, the Executive, and the Personal Assistant. Sidekicks are a good mix of friendliness and self-reliance. If you're looking for a cat that will give you both love and alone-time, you want a Sidekick. Executive cats are always on the move. They are the quintessential curious cats, and they will be out exploring the world.

Executives adapt well to new circumstances without having to lean too heavily on their companion. These cats are great for people who don't want a high-maintenance pet. Speaking of high-maintenance and co-dependent, that's the Personal Assistant. If you've ever heard someone say, "My cat acts just like a dog," they probably had a Personal Assistant. These are the cats that come when called -- and when they're not. Personal Assistants are also the cats that "help: These are companion cats.

I'll be your Personal Assistant -- someone needs to help with all this paperwork. A police officer spotted him over time around some dumpsters at an apartment building and called animal rescue. He ended up with a cushy gig at the Gift and Thrift Shop associated with the shelter.

However, when he first arrived, he had a very upset stomach, and, well, it was coming out both ends. Lindemann was not a feral cat; he had been someone's pet as evidenced by the fact he'd been spayed and by how quickly he took to being a tame cat again — not to mention his upset stomach.

So, at a suitable time, one of the shelter workers ran him through the following test: In order to determine if he was a friendly sort, the evaluator approached his cage while speaking in a calm but normal tone of voice. She noted that Lindemann called Crosby at the time — right idea, wrong rock star!

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Next she removed Lindemann from his cage, placed him in a crate, and moved him to a brand new room. She then timed how long he took to get out and noted his interaction with the evaluator. Lindemann exited in under 25 seconds with tall body posture. Still tall he investigated the room. He also spent 25 seconds interacting with the evaluator. He showed a fair amount of ability to adapt to a new situation with minimal fear and encouragement.

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Next, the evaluator crouched across the room from Lindemann and called out to him. She also extended a closed hand to time how long it would take him to approach. Lindemann made eye contact and went to her in under 30 seconds.

Once there, he sniffed and head-butted her hand. He received 7 out of 10 points, showing a decent amount of friendliness.

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Again testing for valiance, the evaluator opened her hand and extended towards Lindemann. He reacted by sniffing and rubbing the open hand, showing an average level of valiance. The evaluator, still testing courage, used a cupped hand to stroke Lindemann from heat to tail. He rubbed against her hand and head-butted her hand, showing another average level of valiance.

If interested in adopting a barn animal, please contact our Barn Manager at ext.

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There is a more extensive application for the adoption of barn animals. Please make sure to research and understand your local laws regarding pet ownership. You must also bring a leash if adopting a dog or purchase one from our general store.

meet your match cats for sale

We also recommend sensible harnesses for our dogs. These can be purchased from our general store at the time of adoption.

We feed Purina products to our cats and dogs.

meet your match cats for sale

We recommend starting them on this diet and transitioning them over to another food if you choose over the course of several days. We offer many of the Purina products at our general store. After a successful dog meet and paperwork has been processed, it is NOT recommended to take both dogs home in the same car. Arrangements should be made for separate transportation. New adoption showings stop 45 minutes before the shelter closes to the public. Please be sure to arrive accordingly.