Should your phone be private in a relationship

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should your phone be private in a relationship

Watching your partner always preoccupied with his / her cell phone You should also check 9 bachelor habits men need to lose to settle down. Letting a boyfriend or girlfriend scroll through your phone or have access to your key passwords has become something of a relationship milestone. If your partner wants the password to your e-mail account, she should be able to have it, I might email someone about a private matter and I sure as hell don't want his/ her. If her cell phone rings while she's in the shower, should you answer it? Keep in mind that someone who's exceptionally private does not.

For some people that is a hard concept to grasp.

It’s Trust Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

My husband grew up in a family with a lot of kids. Someone was always going through his stuff, to borrow a shirt or look for theirs, or to move a pile from here to there. I grew up an only child. No body ever touched any of my stuff.

And that could be the case. But the opposite is what happened. He finally felt like he could enjoy some privacy when we moved in together. I, on the other hand, have never lived anywhere where a drawer or a closet or a desk was not mine. Additionally, I am an organization freak, and LOVE to go through his papers and put little files together and clean it all up for him.

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Privacy is an important aspect of our selves. Communicate Your Boundaries There is nothing wrong with your wanting your desk to be private, or your mail to be unopened when you get home. There is nothing wrong with your partner wanting their space untouched. Set yours, and ask your partner to do the same. Keep in mind that this is now both of your homes. But it is perfectly reasonable for your desks to be private. Maybe there is absolutely nothing in that desk that is private or different at all.

This is a hard concept for some people to grasp. There is nothing at all wrong with a person wanting to have a place that just belongs to them. Just like there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend an evening home alone in your sweats watching the Twilight Zone marathon by yourself.

Yours & Mine: Respecting Personal Privacy in Your Relationship

Alone time, and privacy, are natural human needs. This is just one of many things that couples need to communicate about and respect each other on. You've Accidentally Found Something. Something in the laundry or the garbage.

A receipt to a bank account you know nothing about. Even though your wife may not be betraying you with another person, her refusal to respond to your request feels like a betrayal.

It's Trust Why You Shouldn't Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

As I mentioned already, I recommend you talk with her clearly about your need to feel safely connected to her in the relationship. You also need to look at your own reasons for wanting to check her email and phone. Have there been suspicious behaviors that need to be discussed?

If so, talk about those concerns and work to understand the truth behind the observations. Marriage feels the safest when there is full transparency available to each partner.

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True intimacy is built on a shared trust and respect that requires vulnerability. Good luck as you work to deepen your connection to your wife.

should your phone be private in a relationship

Free News Delivery by Email Would you like to have the day's news stories delivered right to your inbox every evening? Enter your email below to start! George, a three phase treatment program for individuals and couples healing from the effects of pornography and sexual addiction. Being transparent means being confident of your being.

How Smartphones Destroy Relationships

Many partners feel irritated or fidgety when their cell phone is in the hands of their significant other. What is there to hide from the partner of your life? If you are honest in your relationship with your life partner, you will never let any doubts or apprehensions crawl into their hearts. This rule of transparency gives your partner a feeling of security and trustworthiness.

It builds trust Giving your life partner access to your phone means you trust them completely, sharing the ins and outs of your virtual life. Building trust is the key to a healthy relationship. There is no point in keeping things secretive if you have nothing fishy to hide.

should your phone be private in a relationship