The kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

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the kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

Now, they're attempting to parlay their success with mixtapes into their debut full- length, Meet Your Ghost. The end result, though, is one that's. (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Kickdrums - Meet Your Ghost. Find this Can't beat a country song kind of love and pure. Find this . Now the pair is taking their genre-defying mentality to their debut album. Meet Your Ghost is stocked with fuzzy undertones, pop melodies.

The single is Jacksons personal favourite, the single peaked at 65 on Billboard Hot The song is about Jacksons rough time growing up and how he had to hustle to keep up with life, window Shopper was released as the albums second single on November 6, and serves as the films theme song.

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The single peaked at 20 on the Hotthe singles version has a slightly different chorus, in which Jackson claims that Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Nas and Fat Joe are window shoppers, as he was feuding with these rappers at the time. Best Friend was released as the third single on January 19, The single peaked 35 on the Hotthe song is used throughout the film as a way for Marcus, Jacksons character, to lyrically flirt with Charlene, his love interest.

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Have a Party was released as the fourth single on March 2, The single peaked at on the Hotand was the worst performing single from the album and it also the least heard song from the album, only appearing in a very short segment when Marcus was in prison. Ill Whip Ya Head Boy was released as the fifth and final single from the album on May 24, the song features Young Buck, and the single version also includes M.

The single peaked at 74 on the Hotbecoming the second worst performing single from the album, a number of remixes were also released 4. He mentions a title called in P. This can be proven since his two hits Sex Appeal and Bumpin my Music which were released a year apart, the song, Bumpin my Music and album both reflect a hardcore image of hip-hop.

the kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

On his debut album, he calls out a number of his inspirations in the album, scarface guests as well as many others. The single, Fuck AmeriKKKa, pokes at hypocrites, or the system, the ones who think they have priority and he ended the statement in saying I know whats going on, as he walked the streets, and the images are not real.

His first two singles were featured in the Cleveland area.

the kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

This album was a pick by Allmusic 5. He is perhaps best known for his collaborations with longtime friend and he first gained major recognition under the moniker Chip tha Ripper, when he was featured on Kid Cudis highly acclaimed mixtape A Kid Named Cudi. SinceWorth obtained a significant following through hip-hop blogs, much of Worths recent work has been done alongside fellow Ohio native and rapper Kid Cudi. Worth incorporates the slow, chopped n screwed style of hip hop in his music.

Worth amassed a following on the underground scene and Internet blogs throughout and for his hard. Inthe track Club Rockin off his Money mixtape featured hip-hop artist Akon singing the chorus, Worth has decided to remain independent over the years and keep his options open as far as labels go.

On February 18, Freddie Gibbs announced on his website that he joined up with Chip and The Cool Kids to form the hip hop supergroup, on August 9, the rapper announced a name change, from Chip tha Ripper to King Chip. He also revealed he signed a deal with talent agency Creative Artists Agency, defending his decision to change his moniker, Chip tweeted, I am King Chip.

Actually born in the slums of East Cleveland, Ohio. Jawanzaa is Swahili and it means leader and great warrior. His first credit under the new pseudonym was his role as a featured artist on Kid Cudis single Just What I Am, on September 4, King Chip released the mixtape On December 26, Chip released a video for a song titled Action Plan, from his mixtape 6.

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Big Pooh — In addition to numerous records and EPs by Little Brother, Pooh released a solo album in entitled Sleepers to positive critical review. Furthermore, he has been guest featured on tracks by other artists. He had been pursued by most of the labels for about a year. He ended up signing to Atlantic because the independent label we were signed to and his deal with Atlantic ended in InRapper Big Pooh appeared on the Little Brother download-only mixtape entitled And Justus for All, the video for the albums lead single, The Comeback, features a kitchen scene with Pooh surrounded by women preparing ingredients, baking and packaging Delightful Bars candy bars.

The Kickdrums

In earlyRapper Big Pooh released The Purple Tape for free download and this mixtape features Rapper Big Pooh rhyming over Detroit producer Black Milks instrumentals from a collection released years ago using Prince samples, hence the Purple reference.

This is also a reference to Raekwons Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album that was released as a cassette tape. The podcast was announced via his Twitter account in Septemberthe duo is planning a global release of the show on January 1, following the New Year and what many consider the true beginning of the NBA season.

The show runs 1 hour in length and features as many as 8 segments per show and it is rumored now that the show will feature both interviews and guest host spots from some of the biggest names in Hip Hop.

The Kickdrums

The show is also rumored to have recently picked up by a large internet radio station. Deep, on July 17, The mixtape marked Cudis first official release, production was handled by Plain Pat and Emile, samples range from the likes of Outkast to Paul Simon and N. D to Band of Horses. Notably the album contains the song Day n Nite, Kid Cudis commercial debut single, rapreviews wrote, Weve already learned from Lil Wayne and Kanye West that the public is willing to embrace the martian—if accordingly entertaining.

Fortunately, Kid Cudi isnt short in that respect, and will no doubt only improve upon his debut given proper management. West on both tracks. Cudi Spazzin samples Spaz by N.

the kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

D, heaven at Nite samples by Tacobel Cannon by Ratatat. It received generally positive reviews critics, and charted at number one on the Billboard In MayRocky quit selling drugs and decided to focus on his rap career, when he released a music video for his song Purple Swag, it garnered Internet buzz and attention from record labels, despite negative feedback from his native hip hop scene in New York.

He was courted by several labels, including the RCA-distributed Polo Grounds Music, however, he held off from any deal with a label, instead wanting to explore other pursuits.

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Rocky and Polo Grounds president Bryan Leach, also a Harlem native, subsequently spent time talking about music, in AugustRocky following a music video for the song Peso, which first appeared on internet blogs and eventually received radio airplay on New York Citys Hot The song also earned him respect in the New York scene, of which he said, It bring a tear to my eye to see native New York people give me my props because New York is stubborn.

His first studio album will be planned to be under the deal, in an interview with MTV, production group The KickDrums spoke about their collaboration with Rocky and singer Lana Del Rey. They admitted that the collaboration was Fitts one of their members idea, Del Rey and his production background, Fitts said. Long before his album, the emergence of electronic instruments allowed esoteric, folk-inspired artists from German band Sand to UK post-industrial pagans Coil to delve deeper into the recesses of primeval traditions.

And of course, the combination of electronica and folk could be seen as the musical DNA at the heart of the hauntology movement pioneered by Demdike Stare and the Ghost Box label. Critics immediately reached for Coil and even Current 93 as reference points, and this hint of occult folk was only further underlined by the length of the pieces and the presence of Ernesto Tomasini on vocals.

So has Shackleton become an electro-folk artist in the Coil mould? Only to an extent. His latest release, Sferic Ghost Transmits also features a vocalist, Vengeance Tenfold, and a more spacious use of synths than on his earliest work.

the kickdrums meet your ghost album movie

These make way for industrial clatters and clanks over a minimalist ambient techno beat and ever-more-frenetic pads. More than any of the weird song titles, oblique lyrics and nods to devotional traditions, this is what marks Shackleton out as a producer in control of his vision. So, the question still stands: But, as with all artists gifted with unique forms of inspiration, Sam Shackleton is tough to pin down.

And of course, Coil and Sand, and a few others laid the groundwork for this way back when.