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your weekly lovecast relationship marketing

One thing he won't do is kiss me after I've swallowed his load. If that's the only thing he won't do—if every toy on the market is on the table, along with I am a year-old straight woman on the West Coast in a new relationship. Give the gift of the magnum Savage Lovecast at!. The 7 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to if you Want to Up your Dating Game DTR, (for Define the Relationship), is the new podcast from dating giant Tinder. I don't know about you, but I quite enjoy checking out the weekly New York offering tips on personal branding, marketing, networking and matchmaking. Listen to Relationship Lovecast Radio episodes free, on demand. She is also a nationally recognized publicist and marketing expert and has been a publicist.

We've been together only four months, so maybe I just need to wait and hope that he'll come around. Or is there something I can do to get him to try it? Can't Unicorn Man Up? If that's the only thing he won't do—if every toy on the market is on the table, along with threesomes, foursomes, BDSM, etc. But if kissing after you've swallowed is the only mildly kinky thing you've attempted with him and it was a no, he may not be adventurous enough to deserve unicorn status. But I will say this in his defense Kissing someone who has just swallowed your load or snowballing with someone who wants you to swallow your own load presents a challenge for many men.

Some silly straight men worry that tasting their own come will turn them gay or make them look gay—I've gotten letters from girlfriends who thought their boyfriends were gay because they were too willing to kiss them after a blowjob. But there are gay men out there who don't want to deep-kiss the guy who just blew them—and they're obviously not worried about turning gay already are or seeming gay ditto.

Blame what's known as the "refractory period," CUMU. Immediately after a man ejaculates, his dick starts to go soft and he loses all interest in sex—hormones have been released into his bloodstream that short-circuit sexual arousal. Bodily fluids and orifices a man was happily lapping up or at a minute ago are suddenly repulsive, not because the dude is necessarily inhibited or insecure, CUMU, but because he's having his period—his refractory period.

When I let him know I like it, he's suddenly not into it. He says it's "disturbing" that I like what he's been doing. Joking About Consensual Kinks Two options: You recently said it's okay to fantasize about other people so long as we keep it to ourselves.

your weekly lovecast relationship marketing

Social media and dating apps have given us access to tons of spank material, from that new crush on OkCupid to the monogamously married neighbor you always wanted to bang. In this era, we can see actual pictures of the people we're fantasizing about more often than not. Facebook stalking for spank bank purposes is fine—we all do it—but does it cross a line to actually download the pictures for later? I feel like it's at least a little creepy to be taking screenshots of people's photos.

But as long as you're the only one using your phone, what's the practical difference between looking at Facebook and looking at saved screenshots? I am a year-old straight woman on the West Coast in a new relationship.

My boyfriend and I have just begun exploring anal sex. The first time we had anal sex, my boyfriend came in my ass and then pulled out.

your weekly lovecast relationship marketing

Then we decided to go for a run. A few minutes in, I was leaking all over my pants.

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Anal Newbie Avoiding Leakage Yeah, don't go for a run immediately after anal. Spend a few minutes on the toilet instead—bring your phone, post something to Instagram, let gravity do its thing.

Who is it not for? The column and the podcast are a conversation with my friends about sex. It's not for the extremely delicate. The ones who are like: I would be destroyed! How do you approach a problem?

Episode # - The science of DTMFA. | Savage Lovecast

A few years ago, I answered a question from an email for my column, and a year later accidentally answered the same question again — and I gave the opposite advice! So I guess it depends on when you catch me. When it comes to the show, the producer Nancy listens to the call, she sends me a synopsis, and I get to pick the questions I want to answer — which makes me appear omniscient. You seem to know all the answers, because you get to pick the questions you answer. Sometimes, I call a guest expert in to field it with me.

I have to go on the record. It is this moment of truth, sitting in front of the mic, where I know other people will listen, other people will respond, and that this is my final answer. What questions do you find most interesting? Laughs Oh my God. There was this woman on the show whose boyfriend had a metal detector fetish — you know those things you see people using on the beach? Like, how does that happen?

I love those questions. I look forward to them.

The 7 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to Up your Dating Game

What are your least favourite types of questions? With those questions, I just think, God, how can you have been reading me for 12 years and still be so stupid about sex and relationships? It makes me feel like it was all for nothing. Maybe they give good advice because they listen to you, but have trouble applying it to their own lives.

People have accused me of that. What podcasts do you listen to? I like [advicecast] My Brother, My Brother and me.

Savage Lovecast

How you think Savage Lovecast has contributed to this evolution? The thing is, I have a straight audience. Most people who are listening to the show and reading the column are also straight.